How to Customize New iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16


With the official arrival of iOS 16, iPhones finally see the possibility of adding more lock screen customization. And it is that, of all the novelties of iOS 16, it is one of the most remarkable and that has generated the most expectations for all that it offers new compared to what we have seen in iOS 15 and earlier.

Configuring it to our liking is not something complicated, but being a new function that incorporates different novelties, we think it is worth telling you all you can change. From vintage color or typography to setting weird wallpapers with emojis.

Don’t look for the ‘Live Wallpapers’, they are gone

Before we start talking about what’s new in iOS 16, we think it’s worth talking about what was once there and is gone. This is the case of disappearance of dynamic wallpaperswhich can be photos taken in ‘Live’ format with the iPhone, downloaded from the Internet or those that Apple itself makes available to the user.

Neither are the exclusive backgrounds of each iPhone and previous iOS versions.

Apple hasn’t given any official argument as to why these funds aren’t already showing up. They are probably somewhat incompatible with the new features of the screen, because native iPhone backgrounds are also gonethose that Apple introduced exclusively in each new model and which were also dynamic.

Thus, no background will now admit the possibility of touching them to see movement. However, it does not seem so reasonable that there is also backgrounds removed from each iOS version. In each new update, Apple introduces new backgrounds every year and keeps the previous ones, but this year there is only the new iOS 16 wallpaper. And, oddly enough, these backgrounds were fixed and not dynamic like the previous ones.

Add new background (also for home screen)

We start with the most basic, which is to change the current wallpaper for another. As was the case in previous versions, there is three ways to do: from the Photos application, from the settings or from the lock screen. It is precisely in the latter that you will find more options.

  • From the Photos app: by opening the Photos application, choosing the image you want to set as your wallpaper, giving the “share” option (icon in the lower left corner) and clicking on Wallpaper.
  • From settings: following the route Settings > Wallpaper and clicking on Personalize (left for lock screen and right for home screen).
  • From the lock screen: standing on this screen and keeping your finger pressed until the options appear Personalize Yes + (the first allows to customize the current background and the second to add a new one).

It must be said that by pressing the button + in the customization screen, you can add backgrounds already created by Apple with their respective customizations. Those of the Earth and the Moon stand out in the astronomy category, those of color with different gradients and those of emoji, which allow you to add up to 6 emojis with which to create a background. Also note a new option when configuring the home screen that allows blur the image.

Change time font and color

Customize Ios 16 Background

By default, the iPhone tells you the time with a classic font already present in iOS and in a color depending on the wallpaper you have. However, with iOS 16 it is possible to change it in a very simple way once you access the customization of it.

  1. Being in the aforementioned customization panel, click on the hour.
  2. At the top, choose the typography What do you want.
  3. Basically, choose the color you want, which will also apply to the date.
  4. Once you have everything to your liking, click Oktop right.

At the time of iOS 16.0 release, there are 8 different fonts which you can choose, although these only apply to the hour. On the other hand, you can choose between a wide variety of colorsbe able to find more by dragging the bottom bar to the left.

Add a color filter to the wallpaper

Ios 16 background color filters

We continue without leaving the lock screen customization panel. In this case, you just need to slide your finger from right to left to find different effects for the background. Concretely, we find these: natural, black and white, duotone and coloring. To return to the previous one, just do the opposite effect, sliding from left to right.

Tips and tricks to find the perfect wallpaper for your mobile on Google

Add widgets under time

iOS 16 Widgets

Widgets, albeit in a scaled-down, monochrome format, are coming to the iOS 16 lock screen. There are in total four spaces 1×1, although there are also 2×1 formats. Considering the fact that you cannot complete all the blocks either, there are different combinations.

these gadgets are also compatible with third-party applications, although at the moment they are starting to emerge and you will find more variety in Apple’s own applications. Among these, you can find different widgets related to Weather, Calendar, Clock and Home apps. Batteries are also added to be able to check the battery percentage of accessories such as AirPods or Apple Watch.

Adding them is extremely simple.just having to press the obvious button add widgets which appears below the hour. As you add them, you can move them around to place them in any order you want. Of course, with the only limit that you can never put more widgets than 4×1 space gives.

Superimpose the main subject of the background on the hour

depth effect

in those photos with depth effect, whether they were made in portrait mode or not (they even work downloaded from the internet), you can make the subject stay on top of the time. It doesn’t have to be in excess so that it doesn’t cover the number, but in the right measure it can be very striking.

All you have to do is configure a photograph as a background that meets these characteristics and move it to fit and is superimposed on time. It must be said that it cannot be totally superimposed over time, so it is possible that if the subject occupies a large space, it will be left out like a classic wallpaper. It also won’t work if widgets are added.

Move notifications

iOS Notifications

With a renewed screen in which there is even space for widgets, it was decided to leave the notifications lower so that they bother as little as possible. However, there is three ways to see them and what will you find in Settings > Notice:

  • Count: the lock screen is displayed clean and at the bottom it puts the number of notifications. You’ll need to tap on them for them to open in carousel format at the bottom.
  • Band: notification banners appear in groups at the bottom, you have to swipe to see them in carousel format.
  • Ready: the classic style of notifications without grouping, although still in the lower half of the screen without overlapping widgets or time.

Change background between already created ones

lock screens in ios 16

Beyond having new options to create and customize backgrounds, in iOS 16 you can have multiple wallpapers set and change them quickly into the purest realms of Apple Watch style.

To do this you will only have to go to the lock screen, press and hold any empty part of the screen and when the options open, swipe left and right to choose the background you want to put. It will be enough to press on it so that it remains by default.

And if you want delete one of the backgrounds already created, instead of tapping on it to set it up, you’ll need to swipe it up. At this time, a trash can icon will appear, which when pressed will remove this wallpaper and all custom elements such as typography, color, and widgets.

A big limitation at this point is that you can customize your lock screens as many times as you want, but you will not be able to change the background image. To do this, you will have to recreate the screen from scratch and add all the customization elements to it.


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