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THE PANDEMIC has turned people’s lives upside down, some lost their jobs and some lost their businesses, while others fell into depression.

Gilbert Uwezo, a 28-year-old artist, however after losing his job as a storekeeper, decided to return to his painting skills in order to survive. Uwezo painted but never took it seriously. He had no idea that his talent would bring food to his table at times like this.

“I had a simple job but I was doing art at the same time, so when the pandemic hit and most of the employees stopped working, things started to get really tough. We were placed in our first lockdown and that’s when I started to think about turning my talent into something that will feed me, since I lost my job, ”explained Uwezo.

The artist used his savings to buy materials and began to create works of art for the sole purpose of making a profit.

Uwezo started drawing at a very young age, for fun and with no intention of profiting from it. In 2010, he learned that art could be a profession after seeing the benefits his artist friends made from it. In 2018, he began his career in art, doing his job, he never took drawing or painting lessons, he learned by observing his fellow artist.

He started out doing portraits for people. From then on, he began to love art and to practice it, but without selling any of his works. He then moved away from drawing a bit after getting a job.

“Because my salary was not satisfactory, I started to think about making art to earn more. it was good but still, it was not a serious business because I also had this job ”, he declared.

Even if he made art his profession, he did not count much in it, since he had a job. That was until the first lockdown last year

“I never thought that making art would bring a big profit, people started to recognize my work and I started to get a lot of requests from people to make art for them, support from my friends, which was encouraging, ”he adds.

Uwezo said he has now decided to focus on art as a profession, he encourages young artists who have lost hope in themselves to be confident in what they can do and seek opportunities that can derive from their talent.

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