Hopscotch helps small businesses avoid BS with a fun and accessible branding system


Anyone who’s ever taken the plunge and started their own business will tell you there’s a lot to consider besides providing your actual service. And among these many concerns, money is a top priority. Enter Hopscotch – a free, community-driven platform designed to help startups and small businesses transact their accounts.

After recently launching its private beta, Hopscotch has opened its virtual doors to waitlist customers. And a crucial part of this integration process rests on the shoulders of the brand identity, carefully crafted by Motto. Bright, pleasant and above all accessible, Hopscotch’s branding system is there to reassure users and help them skip the BS of running a business.

Speaking to Creative Boom, Motto co-founders Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger reveal that the CEO of Hopscotch contacted them under the stealthy name “Zuro” to request their flagship brand package. “Flagship is our most holistic brand offering where we merge strategy and creativity for ultimate brand cohesion,” they state.

“Fortunately, the Hopscotch team understood the value of a brand and saw us as a true partner. They didn’t ask us to show dogs and ponies because they knew our reputation as leading brand agency. The pitch devalues ​​our industry, so we avoid those kinds of engagements.”

As for the brilliant idea of ​​naming the platform Hopscotch – which is, of course, a popular playground game where players jump over obstacles – it was Ashleigh’s idea. “She names many of our clients’ brands, many of which have become household names,” says Sunny. “She named the brand Hopscotch to suggest overcoming obstacles and finding the fastest path through and around to reach a goal.

“With Hopscotch, small business owners can easily jump, jump and leap through the hoops of B2B payments. She chose a name that perfectly captures the feeling of Hopscotch which is a revolutionary B2B payments platform created by tech-obsessed innovators by simplicity.”

When it comes to developing brand systems, one of Motto’s approaches is to develop the big idea, Worth Rallying Around™. It’s the simplest encapsulation of what the client is, and in Hopscotch’s case, the big idea was “Skip the BS”. Sunny and Ashleigh explain, “The branding system was designed to express platform simplicity and a ‘leapfrog’ from typical business issues – fees, platform incompatibility or accounting ‘boredom’.

“BS = bulls**t, bad service, annoying stuff, and/or business stress. We wanted to create a brand and business strategy that appealed to this audience and could solve the problems with today’s financial platforms.”

Covering everything from strategic workshops to leadership, branding, messaging, visual identity and art direction, Motto’s brand identity for Hopscotch is the result of extensive work, research and an in-depth understanding of the platform, its customers and their needs. “It’s a revolutionary approach to doing business – in a human way, with an intuitive interface, backed by the latest technology trends, a vibrant community and financial expertise.

“Motto was able to dig deeper into the strategy and summarize the challenges of running a business. The late nights. The headaches. The time-consuming and anxiety-inducing reality of managing the money of things. The pains of managing a ‘a company are real. Avoiding this kind of BS is where the brand flag was planted.”

This approach extends to the design of the logo, which uses the jumping and hopping motions people make when jumping on a hopscotch. “The typography reflects that bouncy feel with the rounded curves and loops of ES Rebond Grotesque and Whyte.”

Bringing together value-driven photography, which shows happy business owners during the day (suggesting Hopscotch’s ability to save time), is an optimism-based color palette. The promise of bright, sunny days ahead is paired with softer monochrome hues to bring out the colors.

“A darker secondary accent was incorporated to give the brand a lot of space and flexibility and to be used for more professional CTAs like buy and partner pages,” Sunny and Ashleigh explain. “The comprehensive branding system gives Hopscotch a fun and approachable feel while using plenty of brand personality to drive the brand voice. The result is a 360° brand language that is innovative, smart, cool and life changing. gives it.”


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