Guerrilla Games shares gorgeous skyline art for Halloween


Guerrilla Games, the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn and its upcoming sequel, is releasing spooky new artwork to celebrate Halloween.

screenshot of the forbidden horizon west trailer

With October almost over, many video game developers are celebrating the Halloween holidays in different ways. While Guerrilla Games, the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn, is still busy working on Horizon forbidden to the west, the development team still has time to celebrate Halloween.

The official Guerrilla Games Twitter account posted a new image of Horizon forbidden to the west art earlier today to celebrate Halloween. The image shows the main character Aloy and his friend Erend in the middle of the woods at night with Aloy holding a lit pumpkin for light. The message contains a quote from her saying, “I feel like someone is watching us!” In the background, a sinister wolf machine sits on the edge of a howling cliff in the middle of a full moon.

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The tweet also contains a statement from the developer to accompany the image saying the team wishes everyone a spooky Halloween. Today being Halloween, many other game developers and studios have also celebrated a spooky holiday and wished gamers a Happy Halloween by sharing posts. Earlier today, the official Monitoring Twitter has released several Halloween Terror posters featuring different characters in their new Halloween costumes.

Naughty Dog shared some Unexplored art to celebrate Halloween too. The image shows the series’ main character, Nathan Drake, carving a pumpkin alongside playable character Chloe Frazer. Post art was done by concept artist Naughty Dog @jihyeleeart. The tweet called on players to grab their pumpkins and carve out their legacy for the “scary season.”

Other video game developers have posted similar articles to celebrate and wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Video game developer Hideo Kojima tweets a message with a Death stranding image from Kojima Productions wishing everyone a Happy Halloween. Santa Monica Studio, the developer behind the 2018 God of the war game and its sequel to come God of War Ragnarok, also published an article to celebrate Halloween. It features a short clip of Kratos opening a chest and an enemy jumps up to attack him. The message even has the question, “Did we get you?” With a winking emoji.

Insomniac Games, the developer of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 and the game’s next sequel, also posted a tweet celebrating Halloween. The tweet has a selfie image of Spider-Man wearing the in-game blue flaming skull Spirit Spider costume with the message saying, “Keep it spectacular.” Even Housemarque, the developer of the exclusive PS5 game Return, shared a tweet celebrating Halloween today, and asked players to share their favorite spooky photos taken with the in-game photo mode.

Horizon forbidden to the west is scheduled for February 18, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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