Graphics Factory presents an exciting new NFT collection


Pioneer of the online searchable clipart market, Graphics Factory introduces a new NFT collection called dAppy Bears.

Graphics, a division of Clip Art Incorporated, commemorates its 25th year online. Graphics was launched in January 1997 and now offers you one of the LARGEST and MOST AFFORDABLE clipart on demand subscription services, allowing you to download an unlimited number of original clipart images free of charge. rights for commercial purposes.

Appy bears presentation

Appy Bears are a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs with over 200 background, body, eye, mouth, shirt, jewelry, and hats dappy traits. Each Appy Bear is a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain that is one of a kind. An Appy Bear can be struck (created) for the cost of 0.01 ETH.

Mint limited time

You can only mint a dAppy Bear NFT at the low price of 0.01 ETH until the original 10,000 are sold out. Once you have made your dAppy Bear, you can save it or resell it on the NFT market such as

Understanding NFTs

NFTs are meant to provide you with something unique: ownership of the work (although the artist may still retain copyright and reproduction rights, just like with a physical work of art). To put it another way, anyone can buy a Monet print in terms of a tangible art collection. However, the original can only belong to one person. Each NFT is a unique token on the blockchain in a technical sense, which makes it extremely rare.

Artists and content creators have a unique opportunity to monetize their work through blockchain technology and NFTs. The artist can offer it in NFT directly to the consumer, which allows him to keep more of the income. Additionally, artists can build royalties into their software so that they receive a share of the sales when their work is sold to a new owner. This is a desirable feature because most artists do not receive subsequent products after their first sale.

Familiarize yourself with the graphics factory

Graphics Factory was one of the first organizations to offer online searchable and downloadable collections of royalty-free clipart images. Graphics Factory has played an important role in improving your online and offline experience by focusing on providing innovative and easy-to-use clipart images for every user with commercial use rights.

Graphics Factory offers approximately 2.3 million clipart images, animations, fonts, backgrounds, icons, and photos that can be used for educational and business applications. Knowing that the images you use from Graphics Factory are copyrighted, royalty-free, and legal to use can help you sleep more easily at night.

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