Graphic designer Yanwen Hang wins two Platinum Awards and a Gold Muse with works promoting social awareness


SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Los AngelesGraphic designer Yanwen Hang won two Platinum Muse Awards, a Gold Muse Awards and the Grand Winner by NYX Marcom Awards in this year’s international competition.

The Muse awards programs created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) remain true to their goal of honoring professionals in the creative and design spaces, promoting the excellent work of participants despite the changing times brought on by the pandemic. “Obviously, the new normal has brought about changes in the way people operate in the world,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of the IAA. “Despite the challenges, these individuals have shown remarkable tenacity in their continued excellence, which is clearly evident in their work.”

With no less than 46 jurors from 25 countries, the awards ensure that a diverse panel of qualified professionals judge the competition. These people can be found working at leading companies in the creative and design industries, such as the Associate Creative Director of MullenLowe. Renato barreto, Visual Communication Design Specialist at the United Nations Children’s Fund Shangning Wang, Creative Director of BEAMY Ronn lee, Creative Director of ADBRAIN Inc. Masanori Eto, Dr Adjunct Associate Professor and Director of Design at Irving Smith Architects Jeremy smith, founder and creative director of Kre8ive Partners Mark Turner, owner and founder of UArchitects Misak Terzibasiyan, etc.

Each entry is assessed against relevant standards relating to their respective industries to ensure fairness. In addition, blind judgment is exercised, as these jurors are only able to assess each entry on its own merits.

Yanwen Hang is a graphic designer at HashiCorp, a San Francisco software company. Hang believes that graphic design has the power to reveal and reframe complex and hidden socio-political information. She focuses on typography, editorial design and branding. She also broadened her creative abilities by diving into the world of physical media. From exhibiting films in the darkroom, to etching copper plates with acid and forming clay on a potter’s wheel, his eclectic experiences in the fine arts help him value the creative process as much as the result and to appreciate the concepts as much as the visuals.

In addition to creating business values ​​with her design work, Hang stays true to what she holds firm in, discussing social issues with graphic design. “My understanding of graphic design qualitatively changes after entering the industry,” she said. “Many people think that becoming a graphic designer is a profession, a way of earning a living. But in my opinion, graphic design, like any other medium of art, painting, sculpture or installation, can be used as a medium. ‘artistic expression. ”

In one of her platinum-winning works, Cyberdada, she raised an idea to spark new attitudes towards the relationship between technology, humans and our future. How can our society evolve into the next step? “When it comes to evolution, we can think of the success of fish in becoming flying birds after millions of years. The history of evolution has always been led by pioneers who could not be understood first. place.” She said. She hopes that her project can be a possible answer and a solution. to two immutable attitudes towards technology: tech = good and tech = threat.

To better promote her concept, she made animated posters, experimented with generative design, organized a virtual pop-up exhibition and prototyped an interactive drawing screen.

“Don’t get too obsessed with design skills; they will eventually be perfected with time and practice ”, at the end of the conversation she gave two tips to someone who wants to improve their skills in the creative industry:“ The most dangerous thing you could do, it’s about focusing on following trends and letting go as a creative person. “

Yanwen Hang was recognized as Top Talent by Adobe Design Achievement in 2019. Besides Muse Creative Awards, his works have been recognized as Grand Winner by NYX Marcom Awards, Typographic Excellence by Type Director Club, awarded as Silver Awards by Graphis Award, were included in The World’s Best Typography and the TDC66 exhibition.

SOURCE HashiCorp


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