Global media hail green, high-tech Games with Chinese elements


The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics came to a close on Sunday night under the theme “one world, one family”. From its opening ceremonies to closing ceremonies, the sports spectacle has garnered a lot of attention from media outlets and social media platforms around the world.

The various establishments at the venues as well as the organization and service of the Games and the pandemic prevention measures have won high praise. The mascots Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon and the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for practicing winter sports were highlighted in various ways.

Report on the closing ceremony at The National, based in Abu Dhabi.

The National published in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, said the closing ceremony was “spectacular”. EUROSPORT reported that the fireworks display at the ceremony was “magnificent” and “breathtaking”.

Follow Shanghai Daily to see six keywords highlighted in foreign media reports during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Global media hail green, high-tech Games with Chinese elements

A report on Shouguang Park by Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


National Broadcasting Company sports reporter Kristen Conti published an article “How environmentally friendly rinks are kept cold at the Winter Olympics” on February 13, reporting on the climate-friendly ice at the national speed skating ring, or the ice ribbon. Less harmful and more natural substances were used.

The UK’s News Market reported on Shougang Park on Feb. 13, saying its symbolism “goes beyond the towering leap used for Beijing 2022.”

Australian Broadcasting Corporation said “green” was the main selling point of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The report also mentions Shougang Park.

The park was renovated from an industrial factory that was established in 1919 but production was gradually shut down due to air pollution. Today, “one of the most spectacular sites of these Games”, it is considered “a textbook case of urban regeneration”.

German magazine Der Spiegel also praised Shouguang Park “as a fine architectural example of the Winter Olympics”. It is reasonable, appropriate and sustainable to use abandoned industrial facilities, he added.

Chinese cultural elements

The event was full of Chinese elements, from the opening and closing ceremonies to the course design.

NBC Washington reported on the willow twig symbolization of the “Moment of Remembrance” during the closing ceremony, which was “the grief of parting” and showed “the segment with Chinese characteristics”.

As a mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen has been extremely popular online both at home and abroad.

Liberation of France reported that the commercial success of Bing Dwen Dwen has successfully publicized the Winter Olympics.

After experimenting with traditional Chinese New Year customs like paper-cutting and calligraphy, Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shinbun reported on Feb. 1 that the Winter Olympics helped express and spread Chinese culture to the world.

Global media hail green, high-tech Games with Chinese elements

Report on Chinese high-speed trains on NBC Sports.

Advanced technology

South Korean journalist Choi Heon-gyu of NEWSPIM covered both the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and the 2022 Winter Games. He was surprised to see the dramatic technological advances in China.

A reporter from the Russian Gazette said the Games made good use of high technology, including artificial intelligence, visual technology, 5G and big data.

NBC Sports’ Kristen Conti reported on China’s high-speed trains on Feb. 5, which she said helped “athletes and participants travel efficiently and safely between the three Olympic venues “.

Gender balance

According to an AFP report from February 12, Beijing 2022 was the most gender-balanced Winter Games ever. Women made up 45% of all athletes.

Two new women’s events have been added, monobob in bobsleigh and Big Air.


No transmission of COVID-19 has been reported in the Games Village.

According to BNN, Bloomberg reported on February 16 that the zero COVID strategy succeeded in preventing the virus from disrupting the Winter Olympics because it kept all Olympics-related personnel in a “closed loop”.

Ugur Erdener, member of the International Olympic Committee and President of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, told Xinhua News Agency that due to the well-planned and well-prepared health measures, the Games “provide a safe and secure environment for all the participants .”

Agencia EFE reported on February 16 that American freestyle skier Aaron Blunck and Swiss snowboarder Nevin Galmarini praised China’s phenomenal work in hosting the Olympics. Blunck also claimed that all negative reports regarding the hosts and the Games were false.

CBC News Network’s Power & Politics interviewed International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound. He said before the opening of the Games that China would adopt its best behavior.

Global media hail green, high-tech Games with Chinese elements

Report on the closing ceremony on NBC Sports.


NBC Sports highlighted four key features of the Closing Ceremony — the twice-Olympic stadium and manager, the giant “ice” surface, and everyday people — that echoed the themes of the Opening Ceremony.

Its theme “one world, one family” was paramount “from start to finish”.

Japanese journalist and #1 Bing Dwen Dwen fan Gido Tsujioka came to China for the first time. He personally experienced the optimism and friendship of the Chinese people.

BBC reporter Alex Capstick said everyone was friendly in the “closed loop”.

“Modern Diplomacy” published an article on February 12, saying that the event “provided an excellent platform and opportunity to interact with sportsmen from various countries and promote peace and friendship in the world” .

He advocated an open mind to organize the next Olympic Games “in perfect harmony and unity”.


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