Global artists reinvent and reinterpret a premium brand


Dior’s new exhibition “Art’N Dior” is a search for creative endeavors that have characterized the history of the premium brand and inspired a host of renowned artists and designers.

The exhibition is part of the West Bund Art & Design in Shanghai.

In the artistic installation “Lady Dior As Seen By”, young emerging artists were given carte blanche to express their vision of the iconic Lady Dior bag and reinterpret its codes through seductive photographs and sculptures.

The public can see the works that have traveled the world in this setting. As German artist Gregor Hildebrandt uses his media cassette and video tapes glued to fabric to create the sculpture “To Die For”, he somehow reflects on consumerism by creating a luxury bag with a shiny but glued surface and assembled by garbage and waste.

The “Miracle” sculpture by Russian artist Daniil Antropov is made of brass and baked paint and makes the bag look like a real stone covered in chunks of ice.

Ti Gong

Global artists reinterpret the codes of Lady Dior with photographs and sculptures.

The classic Lady Dior bag is presented in its boldest transformations in the seventh edition of “Dior Lady Art”, which was created in collaboration with artists from China, the United States, South Korea, Egypt and from Qatar. This continues the surreal journey.

Wang Yuyang’s reinterpretations of the famous bag are exhibited alongside his most famous artwork, “Artificial Moon”, an energy-saving metal frame and light installation 4 meters in diameter in blinding light .

Qatari artist Bouthayna Al Muftah’s reimagining of Lady Dior, who was inspired by typography, depicts a lyrical environment associated with her native country and Arabic literature on delicate chiffon shapes with delicate hand embroidery .

Global artists reinvent and reinterpret a premium brand

Ti Gong

Chinese artist Wang Yuyang’s reinterpretations of the bag are inspired by the moon and space.

For the first time in China, a room has been specifically designated for the Medallion chair, symbol of the luxury brand. In 2021, 17 artists from around the world have reinterpreted and reinvented the chair. Their works are exhibited alongside the work “Meteor” by Chinese architect Ma Yansong. This architectural treasure, reimagined in monochrome 3D-printed polyurethane, merges nature and structure to elicit emotion.

The exhibition, which is free, will continue until November 15. Visitors should book in advance through Dior’s official WeChat account.

Global artists reinvent and reinterpret a premium brand

Ti Gong

Exhibition information:

Date: until November 15

Location: West Bund Art Center

Address: 2555 Longteng Avenue


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