Former Columbia Board Member SC backs Devine for mayor


Anne Sinclair, former member of Columbia City Council, owns Anne Sinclair Consulting

Anne Sinclair, former member of Columbia City Council, owns Anne Sinclair Consulting


Supporters of mayoral candidates

Columbia voters will choose a new mayor in November. Each of the candidates was invited by the State to have the person of their choice write an editorial supporting their candidacy. Read their editorials here. Who has your vote?

Mayor for all of us. This is why I am supporting Tameika Isaac Devine for the mayor of the city of Columbia.

I am a former member of Columbia City Council, where I served for 20 years, and I continue to be committed to the future of Columbia. I was on the city council when Tameika was first elected and worked closely with her for 6 years.

She has always served with passion, commitment and a clear vision for our city. I saw these traits firsthand as she worked with both the business community and neighborhoods to solve problems and come up with new initiatives.

His approach to rapprochement is an essential characteristic for a new mayor.

I have never seen anyone grasp the mission and goals of leadership as well as Tameika. It focuses on public safety, neighborhood development, economic empowerment and more.

Under his leadership, she played a key role in guiding us through challenges such as the 2015 floods and the protests of last year.

In her role as General City Councilor, she was the driving force behind the creation of the National Criminal Court, specialized courts for the homeless and for people with mental illness.

She has been an advocate for continuous improvements in the Vista area and other shopping centers in our city.

Tameika knows the importance of the quality of life in our city, including opportunities for healthy activities, such as parks and cycle paths, and establishing strategies to tackle food deserts. She knows the importance of the arts to our city and strives to provide opportunities for more dance, music, theater and visual art.

Tameika recognizes that cities are multi-faceted and she is the best person to respond to the various aspects of our city and to bring us together.

Another major reason I support City Councilor Devine in her mayoral bid is her unique understanding of our community, our challenges and our opportunities. As a small business owner, she understands the tenacity it takes to start a business and thrive in Colombia. As a wife and mother, education and building safer communities for our families is paramount to her.

I admire his ability not only to act when an issue becomes relevant or urgent, but also to listen to the citizens of Columbia about their personal experiences.

Tameika holds monthly open houses as a city councilor to hear the concerns and comments of her fellow citizens. Not only does she listen, but she acts to respond to concerns people share and to explore ideas people share with her.

Tameika works with us and for us. When she makes a promise, she can be counted on to keep it. His word is his link, and Tameika works daily with citizens to move our city forward block by block. His service and responsiveness are unmatched compared to his opponents.

Tameika’s influence on Columbia is undeniable and recognized beyond our city. She represents our city well through her service on Women in Municipal Government, the National League of Cities and SC Women in Leadership.

There is no other candidate I trust to make Columbia a safer, more resilient and more prosperous city than Tameika Isaac Devine.

His leadership, knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges facing our city will help him create a better future for all citizens. I urge each of you to join me and vote on November 2 for Tameika Isaac Devine to be our next mayor.

Anne Sinclair, a former member of Columbia City Council, owns Anne Sinclair Consulting.

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