Form Friday 1: MEETING against ENEMY


Generally I have nothing but praise for the design house, LINK. However, today for their conception of a science fiction psychological thriller Meet, I want to show how uninspired their songwriting riff is on a much better poster.

Thus, the plot of Meet follows a father who kidnaps his children to protect them from a perceived alien threat. The dramatic tension is whether this is all on the father’s mind.

There’s nothing wrong, albeit nothing great, in placing a bunch of characters and scenes in the back space of the star, the head of Riz Ahmed. It has a floating head quality (inside another head). Not a good look. Plus, the typography is just lazily slapped on the front, with little sense of placement. Is an N and an R backwards in the title enough? Amazon’s “Smile-Arrow” is obnoxious on a package thrown in a porch, but towering over the bottom of this poster, it just feels blatant.

Now consider the inspiration for the Meet key art. A poster of the festival of bpg, for the creepy psychological drama of Denis Villeneuve, Enemy. The 2013 film used the city of Toronto, with its canyon of stone and glass condos on the west side of the city, as well as a misty yellow aesthetic; metaphor, alongside the key visual leitmotif of spiders.

The poster placed the city with a Godzilla-sized spider entering Jake Gyllenhaal’s gray matter. It was my favorite poster design that year. And there was many Great drawings for this film, the independent little brother of the big studios release Prisoners.

In general, I would prefer to highlight an awesome and original design on a weekly basis, and for those who missed the marketing push for Enemy, almost a decade ago, you are welcome to look back. Hopefully it was worth using this column today to highlight how not take a great design innovation, and make it your own by heart.




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