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GettaMoney is a database that manages approximately 200 financial entities, which are prestigious and available in Spain, all through the Internet. It is in charge of carrying out the procedures so that a loan is granted in a simple, transparent way, from the Internet and without so much requirement.

The goal of GettaMoney

The goal of GettaMoney

It is to find and select for you the best and reliable lenders who can help your needs and financial problems based on the specific characteristics so that you can access this form of financing easily and quickly.

With the best interests of the market so that it is easy to make the payment once the loan is granted.

Characteristics of GettaMoney

Characteristics of GettaMoney

  • Do not charge anything to those who request the processing of a loan through your website, guide you through the process and help find the best lender that is reliable for you and your loan process.
  • WhannaCash Help and advise you to find the ideal credit or loan for you at no cost.
  • It provides you with all the necessary information of the lender so that you can analyze before accepting it.
  • The first loan you process can be without commissions and without interest.
  • At the time of approval your loan is transferred to your account, in just a few minutes so you can dispose of it immediately.
  • Unlike other financial institutions, GettaMoney allows you to apply for a loan even without having a payroll or endorsement, which opens a sea of ​​possibilities to countless people who can not easily access a loan.
  • It gives you the opportunity to access a mini credit appearing in FCI or in other similar lists.
  • It helps you choose lenders that are on par with your specific characteristics.
  • Its database manages more than 200 lenders and financial institutions, opening a huge range of possibilities to find the ideal one for you and that gives you the best benefits when making your loan process.

Requirements to be able to process a loan with GettaMoney

Requirements to be able to process a loan with GettaMoney

  • Be of age.
  • Live in Spain.
  • Have a job where you are working.
  • An active bank account, which is in your name.
  • Your ID
  • Have an active email account.
  • Have an active mobile phone number.

Commissions, fees and interests of GettaMoney

Commissions, fees and interests of GettaMoney

The total costs will be 5 euros minimum and maximum to return the money in 61 days.

Maximum applicable APR will be 11%

Here are some examples so you can see the benefits and you can determine if it is convenient or not to arrange a loan with GettaMoney:

Example 1.

Amount requested in the mini loan: 50 euros.

Cost per loan: 19 euros

Amount to be returned for loan: 69 euros

Amount requested in the mini loan: 100 euros.

Cost per loan: 37 euros.

Amount to be returned for loan: 137 euros.

Example 3

Amount requested in the mini loan: 150 euros.

Cost per loan: 56 euros.

Amount to be returned for loan: 206 euros.

Example 4

Amount requested in the mini loan: 200 euros.

Cost per loan: 74 euros.

Amount to be returned for loan: 274 euros.

Example 5

Amount requested in the mini loan: 250 euros.

Cost per loan: 93 euros.

Amount to be returned for loan: 343 euros.

Example 6

Amount requested in the mini loan: 300 euros.

Cost per loan: 111 euros.

Amount to be returned for loan: 411 euros.

As you can see the costs for loans are very few and that gives you great advantages for the payment of an emergency and continue paying month to month to GettaMoney in a comfortable way, without anguish and with the confidence of being advised and guided by a appropriate form in the process both of processing the loan and of the payment thereof.

How to apply for a loan with GettaMoney?

How to apply for a loan with GettaMoney?

The procedure to request a loan is divided into 4 simple steps, which we will mention below:

  1. look at the calculator at the top of the GettaMoney website and select the amount you want for your loan, if you need more than the amount you are marked, they provide you with the option to contact them to reach an agreement.
  2. When you have the desired amount for the loan, now you must look for the button that says “request now” and click on it.
  3. After pressing the request button now, you will be directed to a form where a list of the data that you must fill out will be displayed on your personal information and in this way GettaMoney will select your lender based on the characteristics of your profile.
  4. You must send the form and in a matter of minutes you will receive the approval of the application, and in less than 15 minutes the money you borrowed will be in the account you have provided.

What type of loans does GettaMoney provide?

What type of loans does GettaMoney provide?

GettaMoney grants three types of credits, which are:

  1. Mini credits These small loans, unlike bank loans, help solve or deal with unforeseen events that were not contemplated in our financial activities. They are characterized by being fast, simple, with few requirements and that are delivered in a matter of minutes, they are also characteristic for carrying out the entire process online without having to go to offices
  2. Quick credits These are the ideal loans to solve the problems of liquidity, in the case of when you face small contingencies, these credits are increasingly popular as more and more people are deciding for this financing than the simple mini loans online without much paperwork and with security and backup.
  3. Personal credits They are those that provide you up to 15,000 euros quickly, without so much bureaucracy, without cumbersome procedures, all through the Internet because they only ask for the necessary data without requiring endorsement or payroll.

As there are 3 excellent advantages provided by GettaMoney, it is only a question of analyzing and seeing which is the best to cover your needs and thus choose it without problem with this innovative, versatile and reliable platform.

Three types of credit that will help you solve your economic problems without implying that after this you find yourself full of debts, because when making and organizing payments in a systematic way every month, besides GettaMoney gives you the lowest interest, it facilitates the payment in a comfortable way and without any financing problem.

how to repay the loan and extend it in GettaMoney

how to repay the loan and extend it in GettaMoney

Each lender establishes an APR that will usually vary in relation to the payment term or the amount of the loan, in addition to the way in which the payment will be made, so it is very important that before accepting the loan you report in detail everything this to know everything about the lender and the requirements that will be put, if there is a way to request an extension in case you have an unforeseen event and the interests it will generate; This way you will not take unpleasant surprises.

Personal area or account

Personal area or account

In this section specifically designed for you and where only you can enter your personal data and which are protected by GettaMoney and will not be delivered to third parties without your prior authorization, they include:

  • Full name of the applicant.
  • Marital status of the applicant.
  • DNI.
  • Birthdate.
  • If you have children
  • How many children
  • Number of children in charge.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Email.
  • Labor status
  • Labor Old.
  • Next payment date.
  • Sector.
  • Net monthly income.
  • Street where you live.
  • Type of housing.
  • Colony.
  • Postal Code.
  • Population.
  • Province.

It is basic personal information that they ask you in any place and without so much paperwork or cumbersome processing and with the security that your data is always protected and will not be delivered to third parties without your authorization, so you can enter the data without worrying about anything.

Only you can access this data by means of a password that you will create and that only you will know.

Customer Support.

Customer Support.

To get in touch with GettaMoney, I enter your website at the bottom of the window you can find the contact button that you must click to get in touch with GettaMoney so they can solve your problems and clear your doubts.

You must write your doubts or problems and provide your email account, and then send and when an agent reads it will respond and will contact you to follow up on your case and accompany you in making decisions that are related to the procedures of the mini loans.

GettaMoney is an easily accessible platform that with your calculator helps facilitate the process of calculating the money you want to borrow, also guides you with very simple but understandable steps in the process.

It is an excellent option that you can make from the comfort of your home, so that in a matter of minutes after your procedure has been approved you have the money in the bank account that you provided in the form. It is a reliable platform with great support and prestige that helps you in a transparent and simple way to process your loan, with few requirements and with extremely low interest compared to others.

With traditional banks, it would become impossible to process a loan, as well as losing many days waiting to be attended to review your documents, ask many requirements which most people can not meet, and at the end of the day the Loan is not granted, leaving us with a sense of frustration at having wasted our time that way; with GettaMoney this does not happen, you do not have to go to any office, just have a mobile phone, a computer or a Tablet that have Internet access and can access the web page that by filling in a simple form can be approved your loan in a few clicks and in a matter of minutes be depositing in your bank account, to dispose of it either for a health problem, the payment of some unexpected debt, celebrate an important date, go on vacation with friends or family and the rest.



GettaMoney is a page that guides you step by step in the process of processing your loan, which gives you confidence and security with low interest rates, where more than 200 lenders and financial institutions are at your disposal so you can select the one that suits you best to your characteristics and needs.

They can grant you a loan from 50 euros to 300 euros and with the option to extend your credit if your credit history is good, that is, you always pay on time, so GettaMoney rewards you by extending your line of credit so you can continue enjoying it. The benefits of being a recurring and reliable customer.

One of the great advantages is that your first loan is without interest and without commission, which is an excellent opportunity, because if you find yourself in an economic emergency this will not unbalance your financial stability and will give you a solution so that you can resolve in the best way finance.

Without endorsements, regardless of whether you have payroll or not, GettaMoney gives you the confidence of being able to process a loan without so much requirement and paperwork in an easy way, granting opportunities to people that in the traditional financial institutions could not qualify for the processing of a loan for lack of requirements that are requested. An excellent advantage that all mini credits have.

A simple platform to use and that gives you great benefits for your economy, so if you are thinking about processing a loan GettaMoney would be an excellent option that surely you will not regret having chosen for your interests so low and the easy way to make the payments and processing of loans.




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