Famous Greek-American rapper Mad Clip killed in car crash in Athens


Rapper Mad Clip
Mad Clip was a popular rap artist in Greece. Credit: Instagram / Mad Clip

Popular Greek-American rapper Mad Clip, real name Peter Anastasopoulos, was pronounced dead Thursday after a traffic accident in the southern Athens suburb of Vouliagmeni.

Police say the rapper lost control of the vehicle he was driving and crashed into a tree. The collision was so severe that the driver got stuck inside the vehicle and it took the fire department about two hours to free him.

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The 34-year-old was taken to Evangelismos Hospital in extremely serious condition, where he died hours later.

Mad Clip songs reach 10 million views on You Tube

Mad Clip was born in New York. He caused a sensation on the Greek music scene by releasing four albums: “Super trapper”, “O Amerikanos” LP, “Super Trapper 2” and “Still Active”.

His songs, such as “Maybe” with Eleni Foureira, “Yachts”, “Hustla”, “Baby” and “Hope” became instant hits. Several have surpassed 20 million views on YouTube.

Rapper Taki Chan helped him release his first single, “Eimai Trelos” at the age of 27. Mad Clip then signed a contract with the record company Capital Music. He has also collaborated with artists such as Light, Snik, Toquel, FY and Sin Boy.

“I am a street runner, I like speed”

Many fans return to some of Mad Clip’s social media posts following his passing and have found disturbing videos in which he discusses driving extremely fast and participating in street races.

“I’m a street runner, I love speed… rightly or wrongly, whoever judges me will judge me,” the famous rapper said in a video, which many fans say exemplifies tragic irony.

In a series of other videos, the rapper uploaded videos of himself running along the highway outside Athens at breakneck speed.

Raised in Astoria, moved to Greece

Anastasopoulos, aka Mad Clip, was born in Astoria, New York in 1988 and first came to Greece at the age of 13. Until 2016, when he finally settled in Greece, he had lived in the United States, United Kingdom and Cyprus. .

“Ever since I came to Greece when I was a child, I have been going back and forth. But since 2016 I have been living here continuously. I dropped anchor, ”he said in a recent interview.

In 2004, he joined Outkast Excellence, a group founded by Constantin le G and NOE. Although not professionally related, they recorded songs in English to have fun and have a good time.

In 2010, at the age of 22, he moved for a time to Cyprus, where he worked with his brother AM SNiPER, Drew Astro. He later moved to New York City, where he apparently turned down a contract offered to him by Joseph Simmons Jr., better known by the stage name Run, Rev. Run or DJ Run, an American rapper, producer, DJ and TV personality.

After rejecting the contract, he moved to London, where he remained for three years, until 2016, when he finally returned to Greece.

“In 2016, I started writing music in Greek, after years of writing songs in English. I dreamed of being successful abroad, but it never happened, ”Mad Clip said.

“I moved to Greece at the right time, because a Greek rapper urged me to translate my songs into Greek. I did and it all followed. Ultimately, you follow the lifestyle that you express in your songs. I like to have a good time, I like to see people having fun, I want to give my own atmosphere, ”added Mad Clip.

In a separate interview, he said the people of Astoria warmly welcomed him on his return for a concert in 2019. “I was treated like a superstar returning from Greece for the concert… I was considered the successful kid who came from the homeland to honor them with his presence.


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