Fake Internet Influencer Loses His Mind Over Trivial Music Video in New Video for We Are Scientists’ Handshake Agreement


Fake Internet Influencer Loses His Mind Over Trivial Music Video in New Video for We Are Scientists' Handshake Agreement

New York based rock group We are scientists have dropped the comedic video for their new single titled “Handshake Agreement”. The video features a fake internet influencer named “Beef Harmon £ y” (played by bassist Chris Cain) reviewing the “music video” for the bandagedthe song of.

With lyrics like “So much for your label / You’d stand up but try to be nice / This won’t get you anywhere,” the new single takes a look at engagement and driving on social media. Much like it’s a music video, vocalist Keith Murray sings on a forceful instrument to comment on the ridiculousness of online jokes and bickering.

The video is filmed in a YouTube reaction style where “Beef Harmon £ y” speaks to the camera and reacts to the band’s “official music video” for the track. “Harmon £ y” provides commentary as he watches the visuals (which features Murray performing the song against different backgrounds) before getting excited at the simplicity of the “music video”. He then goes to Murray’s home to reprimand him.

However, for a song that seems to be about “beef” and bickering, the arrangement is balanced and even. Murray’s soft voice is completely audible and complementary to the song’s drums, guitars and bass.

“Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a heated argument over politics or art or, like, if people should ever wear hats (no, they shouldn’t, unless it’s really cold?” ), and suddenly realize that somehow you are making a desperate defense for a position you don’t even really believe in, or care about, or have control over. any real information? Murray said of why he wrote “Handshake Agreement”. “Unfortunately, I am too often in this position. It’s a bad habit, and I’m working on it.

“Handshake Agreement” is now available with its music video. Their new album Angry is expected to drop on October 8.

Photo credit: Sharon Alagna



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