“Disney Parks Art Poster, Second Edition” Coming in September


10 years after the release of “Poster Art of the Disney Parks”, a second edition of the popular book is now available for pre-order.

  • An expanded and updated second edition of the stunning collection of Disney theme park posters around the world! This new book features nearly 100 new posters and conceptual artwork, along with a living tale of their development behind the scenes.
  • Anyone who has ever walked through the doors of a Disney park knows that there is a magical experience to be had on the other side.
  • All the telltale signs are there:
    • The sound of happy music runs through the promenade
    • The smells of popcorn and cookies float in the air
    • And the colorful attraction posters represent all of the wonderful rides and shows created for guests by the Imagineers.
  • Poster Art of the Disney Parks, Second Edition is a tribute to these posters.
  • Disney attraction posters have been an important means of communication since Disneyland started exhibiting them in 1956.
  • Not only are they eye-catching works of art that adorn the parks with flair and style, but they are also on display to generate excitement and spread information about the latest additions to the Disney landscape.
  • As evidenced by the evolution of attraction posters, artistic styles and design techniques have certainly changed over the years. These characteristics also differ from continent to continent.
  • Posters EPCOT, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland and present the nuances of presentation that give each park’s pantheon of posters its distinctive appearance.
  • While artistic interpretations and color palettes may vary from park to park and from year to year, the spirit of Disney storytelling is a constant that binds them all together.
  • This second, expanded and updated edition is a must-have for anyone who loves the original book, for Disney collectors, and for art students. Inside you will find:
    • An amazing collection of original Shanghai Disneyland attraction posters
    • Comprehensive and Graphically Bold EPCOT Poster Collection First Unveiled at D23 Expo 2019
    • Posters featuring attractions and lands inspired by Pixar tales, Star wars, and wonder
    • A variety of vibrant voices cited throughout the book, with interesting insight into the development of posters over the years and the interconnection between Disney art, typography, and graphic-style design.
  • The original “Disney Parks Art Poster” came out in 2012. You can order it on shopDisney now for $ 39.95.
  • “Disney Parks Art Poster, Second Edition” is available for pre-order for $ 45 now.


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