Denise is an integral part of TAFE history after 40 years

As TAFE celebrates its own 140 year celebrations, Denise Cross marked her own milestone with 40 years of employment.

By Angela Norval, Bundaberg today

Beginning her time with TAFE as a Clerk/Typist, Denise Cross, Induction Officer for TAFE Queensland (East Coast Region), celebrated an incredible 40 year milestone with the organization.

When asked what it means to her to celebrate such an impressive moment in her career, Denise said it certainly proves her dedication and commitment to nurturing future generations.

“I was first drawn to working for TAFE because I liked the idea that someone could improve themselves to find work or improve their chances of getting a promotion or getting another job” , said Denise.

“While I started out as a clerk/typist, I have worked alongside our wonderful teaching staff for most of my time at TAFE Queensland and have really enjoyed supporting them which gives them more class time with our students.

“I now do onboarding for our interns, apprentices and their employers, which I find equally rewarding.”

Having started her career at the age of 16, Denise is able to appreciate the apprentice journey being made through TAFE.

“One of my sons was apprenticed in diesel fitting after taking a pre-apprenticeship course through TAFE Queensland and gaining work experience, so I know the value behind that.

“When I receive a request to complete an initiation, I often wonder how long this apprentice has been pursuing an apprenticeship, and how much time and effort he has devoted to achieving this goal through further courses and experience of work like my son did.

“It must be exciting to finally get this award and I think it’s pretty cool to be involved in this process.

“Obviously Covid-19 has brought its challenges and TAFE Queensland has had to adapt to delivering courses primarily online to keep our staff and students safe during this time, so it was impressive to see. .

“We continually ask ourselves what the current market wants in terms of courses and we need to evolve to keep up with and help our students achieve their goals.

“When I started at the Bundaberg campus of TAFE Queensland, we offered courses like interior design, sewing and calligraphy.

“Now it’s nursing, childcare and beauty – times have certainly changed!”

Denise is the epitome of someone who loves her role and continues to appreciate the opportunity to help staff and students.

“It’s really great to see students walk through the door with no idea what they need to do in terms of coursework and then see them get their certificate for completing their course.

“They are so excited about their accomplishment and it’s very rewarding to be part of the process from course request to course completion.

“TAFE has been such an important part of my life for the past 40 years.

“I met my husband here, and one of the business interns who worked at TAFE was a bridesmaid at our wedding.

“I’ve seen many, many people come and go, but I can honestly say I’ve made lifelong friends here.”

TAFE Queensland (East Coast Region) Managing Director Ana Rodger said that for 140 years TAFE Queensland has delivered practical, industry-relevant training to provide students with the skills and experience they need. need to build a lifelong career.

“We have a highly experienced workforce that is closely tied to their industries and dedicated to delivering best practices and innovative training that delivers real employment results for our students and employers,” he said. she stated.

“This workforce includes many employees like Denise, who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to serving our community.

“TAFE Queensland’s success is truly a reflection of the hard work and passion of our staff, who do everything they can to help the people of Queensland ‘do great things’ every day.

“Whether they’re training the next generation of workers, helping our students achieve their goals, or working behind the scenes to ensure our organization is the best it can be, each of our employees has made valuable contributions. to the legacy of

“TAFE Queensland, and will continue to play a vital role in our vision for the future.

“TAFE Queensland thanks Denise for her service and applauds her incredible commitment to vocational education and training over the past 40 years.”


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