Danny Glover talks about a second chance at love in Press Play [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from Press Play, an upcoming time travel romance starring Clara Rugaard, Lewis Pullman and Danny Glover.

Screen Rant can exclusively present a snippet of the new time-traveling romance Press PLAY, which arrives in theaters June 24 from The Avenue and is expected to be available simultaneously on digital and on-demand. The new film stars Clara Rugaard (teen spirit) and Lewis Pullman (Top Gun: Maverick) as star-crossed lovers, with Lyrica Okano (Marvel’s Runaways) as best friend and sister respectively, and the iconic Danny Glover as a savvy record store owner who knows love and music well.

Press PLAY was directed by Greg Björkman, who worked as an assistant editor on Blame it on our stars, in his debut as a feature film director. It was also co-written by him and James Bachelor (Dungeons & Oil Rigs), demonstrating a deep passion for complex history and the art of cinema in general. The film follows Laura (Rugaard) and Harrison (Pullman)’s picture-perfect romance and shared love for music, with an old-school mixtape full of modern music. Laura is lucky to save it through that same mixtape after a tragic accident, but replaying love doesn’t always mean you can remix it.

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In Screen RantIn the exclusive clip from The Avenue, Laura shares her frustrations with kind Cooper (Glover). No matter what she tries to change in the past, things keep going the same way and Harrison dies one way or another. Cooper offers his wise take, but it doesn’t look like Laura is ready to listen. Check out the clip from Press PLAY by watching the embedded video or by clicking on the link below:

(Watch the full video on YouTube.)

Cooper’s initial advice for breaking the pattern makes sense, but doesn’t offer much insight into the steps needed. He then makes a great point that it might be more important for Laura to enjoy her second crush with Harrison even though it will end the same way. In order to see what she decides, and what lessons lie at the heart of Press PLAYof the seemingly tragic romance, audiences will have to watch the film in theaters or on digital when it’s released on June 24.

As is clear from the poster below, Press PLAY is heavily invested in music which is used to help convey his love story. Its fantastic soundtrack includes songs from Japanese Breakfast, Father John Misty, Dayglow and many more, all carefully cultivated by writer-director Greg Björkman and the creative team to do justice to Laura’s twisty yet wondrous story. and Harrison.

press the play art key

Other recent films from The Avenue include The misfits, starring Pierce Brosnan as a brilliant international thief alongside Nick Cannon and Jamie Chung as members of a group of modern-day Robin Hoods. They also published The rising tiger earlier this year, based on Kate DiCamillo’s New York Times bestseller, which stars Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid.

Press PLAY has a runtime of 85 minutes and is rated PG-13.

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The Avenue will release the romantic film Press PLAY in theaters, on demand and digital on June 24.

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