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The creature world is visiting and the world will be different for it

21-year-old artist Danny Cole takes the world by storm with the Creature World, a magical and colorful dream world, embodied by ambitious and immersive artistic projects and experiences. Cole comes to New York and Los Angeles, presenting each city with one-night immersive experiences of its creature world. Last August, Cole released 10,000 unique works of art by his iconic character, The Creature, paired with an innovative experiential video game in progress. Since then, these works of art have registered a trade volume of over $ 100 million.

“In a cloudy world, it can be difficult to see clearly. Not too far away, these clouds part in the form of The Creature World. A magical dimension close to love, divine intervention and possibility. “Said Danny Cole.” My happy place doesn’t always look like the ground I walk on, but this happy place does exist. We make it real enough that we can walk into it together. When it’s time to come home, we all take a piece of it with us. Home is starting to feel more like home. The creature world is visiting and the world will be different for that.

While the digital collection of 10,000 creature portraits has propelled Creature World into the limelight with jaw-dropping sales numbers, you don’t need to own a coin to participate in these live experiences.

Below is a calendar of events Danny Cole has hosted.

October 30 – AF $ * king weekend in The Creature World

AF $ * KING WEEKEND IN THE CREATURE WORLD is a free factory concert transformed into a life-size installation of The Creature World, the world created by artist Danny Cole. The artists will perform on an otherworldly stage with a stage made of hills, rivers and a giant mushroom. The time and place will be announced the same day.

Artist performances include:

  • Club AG
  • Junior diversity
  • Aaron Cartier
  • Finger beats

November 4 and 6 – Creature World Bouncy House Playground

(NYC November 4 / LA November 6)

For just one night, New York’s legendary Hammerstein Ballroom (311 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001) will transform into Creature World. This will feature Cole’s most ambitious installation to date – an 80-foot Creature World Playground inflatable obstacle course. The creature will be present, racing with anyone who dares to challenge it. Due to the influx of digital art enthusiasts to Manhattan for the NFT.NYC convention, this event will be in partnership with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. In addition to the inflatable, the event will feature DJ performances, exclusive clothing and paintings by Cole. Free entry with doors opening at 7 p.m.

November 5 & 6 – Creature Viewing & Notices x Creature World Clothing Drop off at ComplexCon

This year, Creature World will occupy two booths at ComplexCon in Long Beach. The first is in collaboration with the famous New York underground brand Advisry in which the two will unveil their first clothing collaboration. The second booth will contain a complete build of a scene from The Creature World with a living creature, seated alone, eager for guests to interact and see her through that window into another world.

For more information, please visit https://dannycole.co.

About Danny Cole

Danny Cole is a 21-year-old New York-based visual artist who strives to actualize the imagination. In 2021, Cole created The Creature World, a magical kingdom that seeks

to take you on unlimited expeditions through visual art, live experiences and community projects. Each experience brought hundreds to thousands of participants in a unique iteration of the creature world. Cole’s experiences foster an unforgettable shared dream land that people can explore together. Danny has been joined by artists like Portugal, The Man, Cage The Elephant, Beck, Pretty Sick and many more. Her work has also been featured on the main stage of Coachella, the Hollywood brand, and in Shepard Fairey’s gallery.

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