Critic, Herald Wins 24 WNPA Awards


The information and advertising services of Bainbridge Island Review and North Kitsap Herald combined to win 24 awards at the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association’s annual convention in early October.

The Review ranked third in overall excellence on the newspaper side, while the Herald website ranked second. Editor-in-chief Steve Powell, reporters Tyler Shuey and Ken Park, and sports reporter Mark Krulish were all honored for both.

Krulish, who placed second for Sports Writer of the Year, won the biggest individual award.

The advertising service won three first place awards. Lindsay Smithberg and Brenda Jorgens took first place in Branding Ad with their effort on Robin Callahan Designs. Jorgens and Raquee Rivera placed second in this category with an Ace Hardware ad.

Jorgens and Rivera teamed up for the top spot in Sotheby’s full-page full-color ad for Marie Sinclair Bennett. Jorgens and Smithberg ranked first in the use of clipart images for their Hear for Life audiology. They took third place with the same ad for Most Original Idea.

The Bainbridge Island Almanac with Priscilla Wakefield, Rivera, Jorgens and Powell also won first place for the special sections of the community guide.

Back to the news, Shuey and Krulish took the # 1 spot in the Sports Personality Profile. Shuey won for the Sounders’ keeper who builds a dream home for the BI Review, while Krulish won for the BHS graduate races for mental health for the Herald.

Park won second place in News Story Short for his work on the Firehouse Theater in Kingston for The Herald.

Powell won a second place certificate for his artistic article on Cowboy Sculptor. He was also second in Environmental Story with Eco Death.

Krulish secured two second places: one for Sports News with Coaching Legend Dies at 80, and the other for Sports Features with Poulsbo featured in the Fitzhugh travel diary.

Shuey ranked second in the history of health or medicine with mental health.

Rivera and Jorgens with Bainbridge Crystal Healing placed second in the ad for a color ad smaller than half a page. Jorgens and Molly Omann took third place in this same category with Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Rivera and Jorgens also placed second with Use of Small Space with an ad on Melt Massage and Body.

Returning to the news, Powell took home two third prizes: one for General Feature Long’s Adoption Matching Service for PairTree, and the other in the government report for more evidence requested for court installation. police.

Shuey won a third place in Business Feature with a story on Eagle Harbor Books.

The in-person convention scheduled for Bellingham was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, so the event was live.

Earlier today, Powell was elected chairman of the WNPA board.

“I’m really proud of the staff, especially since it’s been such a crazy year with COVID constantly changing things,” said Powell.

The Kentucky News Association judged the contest, which features dozens of Washington state weeklies.


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