CORA announces 2022 program and dedicates the year to Bruce Onobrakpeya | The Guardian Nigeria News


As the leading arts and culture advocacy group, the Committee for Relevant Art (CORA), prepares to launch its 2022 programming season on March 1, it has dedicated the year to celebrating exemplary living and the illustrious career of the great patriarch of Nigerian visual arts, Dr Bruce Onobrakpeya, as he enters his nineties in August.

Multifaceted artist, teacher and mentor to generations of artists, Onobrakpeya turns 90 on August 30, and CORA says it is rolling out the drum to celebrate the achievements of the painter, sculptor, plastocaste and artist-philosopher, whose 60 years year ‘Retrospective; exhibition is currently being held at San Diego State University, United States of America.

A statement from CORA’s program management reads, “Just as we dedicated the 2021 programming season to celebrating the life and career of theater matriarch, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, we are dedicating this year fully to honoring Onobrakpeya.

“We will release details of the celebration programming content in due course, however, our main project, the 2022 edition of the annual Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF) to be held from 14-20 November , will be entirely dedicated to honoring Onobrakpeya.

“Before that, we would have a series of conversations, reflections, Arthouse gatherings as well as mentoring sessions in his honor.”

On other highlights of the programming season, CORA management also revealed that they should also get involved in honoring other prominent artists who are reaching old age during the year.

“We will be celebrating: veteran photo journalist and artist, Tam Fiofori @80 in June, versatile performer – actor, musician, storyteller, visual artist, Jimi Solanke @80 in July and veteran actor, Olu Jacobs @80 also in July.

The statement read: “We will also be honoring other prominent artists who enter their 60s and 60s during the year.

“CORA is aware that its honors program remains a pedestal of honor for those who should and could be formally described as ICONS of the culture sector.

“Always as advised by the CORA Board of Trustees, we will be hosting arthouse forums for even younger masters of creative fields who are entering their 50s and 40s within the year.

“CORA, as a forward-looking organization whose foundations are rooted in youth empowerment, has decided to re-ignite its commitment to recognizing and celebrating young Nigerians, who have consistently proven themselves to be are well equipped mentally and otherwise in all areas to strive – from creative art to science and technology – to face the world in terms of achievement.To this end, CORA Creative Youth Club, CYCC, is encouraged to organize regular programs to recognize the contribution of young people to the nation-building process.

“The current programming season runs from March 2022 to March 2023.”


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