Clip Studio Paint will move to a subscription service


Celsys has announced version 2.0 of Clip Studio Paint, its popular digital illustration and animation software, as well as plans to switch to a monthly subscription for service updates when it launches. He left longtime fans who praised him for his unique buy model feeling very betrayed.

An announcement on Clip Studio’s website states that “As of 2023, the current version 1 (the one-time purchase, perpetual version for Windows/macOS, ‘Version 1.x’ hereafter), offered for download and in physical version will no longer receive feature updates for free.

This subsequently outraged members of the artist community, who previously advertised the service as a fantastic one-stop purchase alternative to software as a service apps like Adobe Photoshop, effectively adopting a similar business model that fans of Clip Studio Paint were trying to avoid in the first place.

The ad was accompanied by a confusing flowchart detailing the benefits of the upgrade packages on offer. Those who remain on a perpetual license for version 1.x will not receive any additional updates from the time of the release of version 2.0 in 2023. Purchasing a perpetual license for version 2.0 will give you access to the basic version but will not include any updates. additional updates from version 2.1.0.

Due to these changes, consumers might feel pressured to accept the third option, a subscription for existing users called “Upgrade Pass” valid for one year, which will upgrade their existing 1.x version to 2.0 and will continue to update it to include additional upgrades and new features as they are released.

When Adobe similarly moved applications like Photoshop and Illustrator to cloud-based software as a service model in 2012, those who couldn’t afford (or didn’t want to pay) a monthly expense or year continues to search for new, more affordable alternatives.

Clip Studio Paint Pro quickly gained popularity thanks to its one-time purchase price of $49.99, while a more professional version of the software with features for cartoon artists and animators was available for $219.

A customizable monthly subscription model that allowed you to tweak the features and number of devices required has been available for 99 cents per month for some time, with all three versions of the app receiving free monthly updates and additional features. Clip Studio is now used across a wide variety of skill levels, from amateurs to professional artists, although it should be noted that it is not considered industry standard software.

On social media, artists expressed their sense of betrayal over the new pricing structure. Many say the one-time purchase business model is a big part of its appeal, as they didn’t want to be stuck paying a monthly or yearly subscription like they would with Adobe’s software suite. Those outraged by the decision recommend a similar digital illustration app, krita, as an alternative.

Pricing for the Update Pass and standalone version 2.0 software has yet to be revealed, but the announcement tries to reassure existing customers that “Update Passes will be sold at a lower price than that of the monthly usage plans”. New customers will be able to purchase a monthly subscription without already having Clip Studio Paint version 1.x.

The brand clarified that version 2 and later will have a permanent license separate from version 1.x, so anyone still using version 1.x can continue to do so for as long as their system continues to take it. in charge. As of this writing, it is still possible to purchase and own the current version of the software, with Clip Studio Paint stating, “We will also provide free stability updates for major bugs or errors caused by operating system or specific devices, until next year. and beyond the transition to version 2.0.


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