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Celsys announced plans to ditch Clip Studio Paint’s one-time payment structure in favor of a subscription model, and the creative community isn’t happy. While there are plenty of reasons to choose – or avoid – creative software, how creatives are asked to pay is a big deal, and many even avoid Adobe’s juggernaut due to its constraints. subscription payment.

Although Clip Studio Paint previously cost a one-time payment ($49.99, rising to $219 for the Pro version), from 2023 customers will have to pay monthly to use the software if they wish to receive updates. The Pro version is currently at the top of our list of best digital art software, but will the creative community continue to appreciate it as much under the new regime?

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If Twitter’s response to the post above (opens in a new tab) is something to say, Clip Studio Paint may lose fans. “It’s awful,” said Alix Balica. “I switched from Paint Tool SAI to Clip Studio because it was more affordable and not subscription based like Photoshop, now I have to look for another alternative because I am NOT willing to pay for one software on an annual or monthly basis.”

The new model is explained with a flowchart, which details the various upgrades to choose from. Users can keep the perpetual license for version 1.x, but will not receive any official version 2.0 update in 2023. They can then purchase another perpetual license for version 2.0 but will not receive any update by the after.

The comments range from “absolutely heinous decision” to “everyone trusted you man everyone thought you were one of the good guys”. Many say they’d be happy to pay for an upgrade again, and others are disappointed with the overly complicated model (with one saying that if you need a flowchart, that’s too complex).

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However, some defended the decision. “I don’t care about all the people in the comments,” WitheringAurora said. “In a way, that’s fine for Final Fantasy, but when a cheap art program wants you to pay for major updates, suddenly that’s not the case? A program that deploys updates Free updates for years for only $10? I can’t help but laugh.”

Others think the decision isn’t as bad as the community first thought, because Clip Art Paint won’t be entirely subscription-based, and artists can pay a one-time fee if they don’t mind. not to miss the updates.

Confused by change? twitter user Austen Marie (opens in a new tab) made a helpful video to help clarify the “messy” chart – see below.

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Other creative software social media accounts with a single payment model have jumped on the board as a result. Affinity sent out a single wave, and Krita retweeted Clip Studio’s tweet with a message confirming its free download status. Note: Artists responded to this tweet with great examples of their own Krita art – another marketing win.

As far as we can see, Clip Studio hasn’t weighed in on the deluge of criticism on its Twitter account. We wonder if he anticipated such a backlash and decided to take a chance anyway, or if he really didn’t gauge the strength of the anti-subscription sentiment. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for further comment, but until then, have you seen what surprises could be in store for digital artists with the next-gen Apple Pencil?

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