Chuck D announces book showcasing his career as a visual artist


Chuck D announced a book of works of art accompanied by comments from the Public enemy rapper. Genesis Publications shared details of the book, which is currently unnamed.

“In a digital age where people listen with their eyes, I think we are seeing the visual, sound, historical and style elements finally come together in ways that I have followed all my life,” said Chuck D. in a report.

“I was brought up with an artist mentality; my first 25 years were spent as someone who wanted to live among graphics, artwork and illustration, and then for the next 30 years it was just music. Over the past six years I have returned to the arts, combining all of these elements in my work, always trying to change the world. This is really what I want to do. My sincere thanks to Genesis for giving me a place to be able to display all of this through my artwork.

In June, Z2, with UMe / Def Jam, announced Chuck’s very first graphic novel, entitled Revelation 91: The Revolution never sleeps. Public Enemyluminary’s book is the latest in the publisher’s series of graphic musical icon celebrations that pairs some of the most notable names in comics with music superstars of all genres.

The book will be available next month, marking the 30th anniversary of the album that inspired it, Revelation 91: The enemy strikes black. Nominated for a GRAMMY Award, the album reached No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart and featured powerful anthems “Shut ‘Em Down”, “Can’t Truss It” and “By the Time I Get To Arizona”, a line-up. inflamed. the state governor’s refusal to recognize the new national holiday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Revelation 91: Revolution never sleeps begins in 1991 and explodes into distant futures with a series of speculative fictional stories by the industry’s leading creators, including Evan Narcisse (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Black Panther), Régine Sawyer (Black Nights: Death Metal), Che Grayson (Batman: Urban Legends), Troy-Jeffrey Allen (Naughty: all caps), and much more.

Visit the official Genesis Publications website for more information.

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