Christian streetwear brands mix faith and commerce

Yet the phenomenon of faith-based brands using the codes of the streetwear world to develop a Christian community of people wearing their faith on their sleeves is relatively new, at least on a mass market scale. Creators love Jerry Lorenzo of the fear of God have pioneered Christian messaging through high-end streetwear brands for years, but now that same philosophy has started to enter the closets of those for whom the $ 700 (£ 500) sweatpants are unrealistic. On Instagram, the the hashtag #christianstreetwear generated more than 22,000 messages, with people wearing T-shirts with Bible verses or #Blessed logos. These days, they’re not much different from mainstream streetwear brands that evoke spirituality as a tool for fostering community and spreading positivity. Most recently, Balenciaga created crossover T-shirts for Kanye West’s Donda merch, proving the kind of cross-pollination that uses secular world codes – much like West’s album – to the masses at Mercedes Benz stadium. Howard shares West’s vision. While Christians may be the target customers for these garments, Howard says he doesn’t just focus on this community because “it would be like preaching to the choir.” “It’s a tool for spreading the gospel,” he says.

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