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Sun, fun and the arts. This summer has been rich in energy and wonderful events.

SAGE was recently part of a big festival – Celebrate the Arts. It’s a great and wonderful weekend of events hosted by the many great and wonderful arts organizations here in Sheridan and the surrounding area.

SAGE and the WYO Theater hosted the Art Alley launch event. The evening hosted SAGE member artists, community performers and WYO performers, and arts organizations and supporters from the community. A fantastic evening to showcase the talent within our community and the organizations that support that talent.

The weekend also featured a superb concert at WYO with Asleep at the Wheel and a virtual Quickdraw event hosted by the Brinton Museum. To conclude the Arts Weekend, the Ucross Foundation organized Music in the Park in Ucross. A great weekend to celebrate the arts.

Coming together to support and promote organizations that bring the arts to the community is a fantastic experience, but it shouldn’t stop at one weekend a year. As the CEO of an arts organization, celebrating and promoting this art is a daily occurrence and literally part of the job. You can almost take for granted how immersive it is to walk into the gallery every day and be surrounded by the art, process and artistic spirit.

While not everyone has a gallery to browse every day, the community of Sheridan is a community that is becoming more and more saturated with art, and that is a very big and wonderful thing. Just walking down the main street in downtown Sheridan, you will come across over 100 different sculptures that will draw you in and give you the opportunity to appreciate the arts.

Arts organizations and businesses in the Sheridan area are working together to bring the undercurrent of the arts scene to the forefront and make it a wave sweeping through the community. I encourage you to get out into the community and see where you can find the different arts to dive into.

Find weekly live music at local breweries that showcase not only the performing arts, but the art of craft brewing as well. Find local businesses looking to build and promote community with their skills and give the local visual artist a place to showcase their art and talent. Go out and find your way to celebrate the arts every day.

Jill benson is Managing Director of SAGE Community Arts.


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