Breakthrough Trading Ecosystem “PayGo” Presale Starts February 16


PayGo’s pre-sale will launch on February 16, offering an ultimate combination of decentralization, scalability, and security in its gateway for merchants and merchants.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, Jan. 24, 2022 / — Led by payment experts and experienced point-of-sale and retail professionals, PayGo is the unmatched cryptocurrency payment ecology for investors, consumers and businesses. PayGo launches whitelist presale on February 16, 2022, which will create a massive wave in the industry.

Offering fully decentralized, scalable, and fee-free transaction fees, this payment processor aims to transform the future of crypto-payment with its native PayGo tokens like never before. The PayGo PayGo market will be the only currency to buy, optimizing transactions exponentially.

A Reliable Cryptocurrency Wallet – PayGo allows customers to spend their coins at a wide range of e-commerce stores, local cafes, restaurants with extraordinary convenience and minimal fees. Other advantages include decentralized and instant payments, identity protection. Remarkably, when users pay for online purchases and other expenses through PayGo, the platform offers several perks, bonuses, and rewards that they can redeem to buy more.

PayGo offers an alternative to traditional payments like Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, which charge almost 3.9% per transaction (between 2 and 4% for merchants) as well as zero points of failure in decentralized payments, protection against third-party monitoring and the option to make payment remunerative via staking.

Moreover, with its implementation in e-commerce websites or integration into existing ERPs, merchants can sell their wares online while getting paid immediately in crypto of their choice. “Our fundamental principle for building the payment industry’s decentralized digital economy is trustless, immutable and efficient,” the PayGo team shared.

In addition to instantly spending their tokens for daily expenses, investors can partner with merchants to run promotions and campaigns and stake PayGo tokens to earn more rewards while enjoying exclusively dedicated privileges.

It’s time to grab PayGo tokens at when the presale launches on February 16, 2022!

Based on BEP-20, which speeds up processing time and eases onboarding while avoiding heavy transaction fees, PayGo Ecosystem offers its own PayGo wallet, eCommerce, point-of-sale (POS) terminal and reward system. The ecosystem will have a fixed and non-exploitable supply of 10 billion against inflation to fight against the economic crisis.

Asked about the need for his invention, the CEO and Founder of PayGo said, “Despite the decentralization of cryptocurrencies, making payments with them has always been a time-consuming activity with high fees like traditional options.

As cryptocurrency and digital payment infrastructure are widely adopted at an accelerated pace post-pandemic, where businesses are migrating to online service delivery and cannot rely solely on cash transactions, the availability of ‘such a utility becomes of utmost importance.

“On the other hand, customers have accepted the benefits of contactless digital transactions. Moreover, the mass adoption of smartphones has contributed to the growth of digital payment and the crypto market,” he added. .

Having completed the critical milestones of Phase 1, including website and social media release, the PayGo team is looking forward to launching Phase 2 with partnership announcements.

PayGo has already received tremendous acceptance and appreciation from merchants and business establishments around the world, including RSG Logistics and Aresha Calligraphy from Australia, Alpha Estate from Pakistan, TheMaxDigital and Arrivy from the United States. More partnership announcements are expected to be released soon.

Going forward, PayGo will soon launch its global IOS and Android PayGo wallet, e-commerce store and payment reward mechanism. Going forward, the PayGo token is expected to be listed on other exchanges, with the eventual goal of establishing a standalone PayGo blockchain, which other fintech projects can use.

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