Beginning of Alhamra summer camp activities


On Wednesday, the Lahore Arts Council (LAC) organized summer camp activities in calligraphy, music, drama, drawing and painting at the Alhamra Arts Centre.

BAC’s Executive Director, Farhat Jabeen, inaugurated the summer camp.

Teachers and young artists attended the opening ceremony of the short courses.

Speaking on the occasion, Farhat Jabeen said that Pakistani youth are showing their talents in all fields of the world and Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts is an exemplary institution in its performance.

She said the purpose of the short courses was to give young artists the chance to learn the art while on vacation. “Our children are the future of the country, and Alhamra was with them to help them move forward in life,” she added.

In Charge of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts, Muhammad Arif and Supervisor

The Alhamra Naveen Rooma Academy said hundreds of performers between the ages of 10 and 25 from across the country are enrolling in short courses during the summer camp.

They said that Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts offers its services under the aegis of (experienced teachers) in 12 fields of fine arts.

Deputy Director Admin Aftab Ahmed Ansari, Deputy Director of Archives Muhammad Arif and other officers were also present.


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