Beacon Media + Marketing has released a new guide on building a strong mental health brand


RENO, NEVADA, USA, January 11, 2022 / – Beacon Media + Marketing has released a new guide that helps mental health businesses establish themselves with a strong brand. Having a clear understanding of the business helps potential customers know what the business is.

Branding is not just the logo, but the company as a whole. A person’s mental health brand encompasses many factors, such as your logo, colors, typography, vision, message, and anything else that can impact potential customers.

Having visuals is essential for the appearance of the business and its message. Each color has a different meaning and associated feelings, so it is important to choose the colors of the company. In addition, choosing the right typography is essential for the message conveyed to customers.

There are a few steps that can help get you started building a mental health brand.

1. Brand Discovery Meeting: Paves the way for who the business is and shows mental health professionals the visions of the clinic. This is what can become a “no elevator”.

2. Name the clinic: Consider factors such as the name of competitors and the type of clinic the company has.

3. Brand tagline: A tagline is a short phrase that captures the brand. It tells people who the business is and what drives the clinic forward into the future.

4. Choose Imagery: Choosing the right logo, font, and imagery is extremely important to how potential clients will view the clinic.

The guide describes how another great way to build a strong mental health brand is to use images that reflect the type of clientele you’re looking for. Be sure to post pictures of the types of people the clinic would like to treat. If it’s a family therapist, add photos of families and children. This will help guide the potential target audience to the clinic.

Beacon Media + Marketing is deepening its efforts to help mental health clients discover their brand. They always start the branding process with a conversation with their clients, asking the right questions to understand the “why” behind their work and the value they bring to their patients. Those interested in growing their mental health brand can access the Beacon Media + Marketing website for more information.

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