Athens Arts League showcases student art in Merchant’s Alley | New


Currently, local students have artwork exhibited by the Athens Arts League in Merchant’s Alley. The weekly foot traffic that Merchant’s Alley sees each week, along with happy hour and other events, makes the location a prime spot for displaying artwork.

“Ms. Diane Lehr of the Athens Arts League asked the teachers to participate in hanging art in Merchant’s Alley, as there are weekly happy hours there and there is a large crowd at every event,” said Athens High School art teacher Tavia Slaton.

Students in grades 9-11 have original artwork displayed in the aisle. These pieces are of different styles and mediums.

“The students whose work is displayed have just finished grades 9 to 11. The hanging images are prints from the work of the students, the mediums used vary from painting to drawing through ceramics. The pieces included were part of a class lesson/unit, and each piece lasted from a few days to two weeks,” Slaton said.

This isn’t the first time Slaton students have had the opportunity to see their art on display. AHS students exhibited artwork at the Superintendents Art Exhibit, the Huntsville Art Museum, and the school gallery.

“I hope the community sees the art of Merchant’s Alley and finds joy in seeing what our Athens High School students produce. We love to share the talents of our students with the community whenever we have the opportunity,” Slaton said. “Our students have artwork exhibited each year at the State Superintendents Art Exhibit in Montgomery, Youth Art Month in conjunction with the Congressional Art Competition and the Visual Arts Achievement Program in Huntsville at the Huntsville Museum of Art and the Children’s Gallery at the Huntsville Museum of Art.. We also have an art exhibit in the High School Gallery which features hundreds of student artwork every year throughout the year, including students from Visual Arts I, II, III, IV and AP Studio Art.

This exhibition is an opportunity for local residents to show their appreciation for the arts and for young artists.

“We hope the community appreciates the works and knows that the arts in our city are growing rapidly and we would like everyone to show their support for all of the arts,” Slaton said.


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