Artsy Insider: two artists for major sales at Art Basel in Basel


At every big fair there are usually a few artists whose work just seems to be all over. This week at Art Basel in Basel, none are more ubiquitous than Chicago-based septuagenarian artist McArthur Binion. The fair, which coincides with a major solo exhibition of his new paintings at Lehmann Maupin’s New York headquarters, saw his work soar from the walls of at least three booths. On the first day of the previews, Lehmann Maupin sold his painting Modern: Old: Brown (2021), which showcases his signature grid pattern of alternating color squares, overlaid on copies of the artist’s birth certificate, for $ 300,000 to prominent collectors based in Germany. The Richard Gray Gallery in Chicago also sold a 2021 Binion painting titled Modern: Old: Brown, which was priced at $ 300,000. And the Italian MASSIMODECARLO sold one of the artist’s recent works on paper, healing: work (2020), for $ 30,000.

This week’s sales match the high end of the aftermarket for Binion’s work, where his parts have only passed the $ 100,000 mark five times. These five results date back to the last three years. In May of this year, its large monochrome square composition with a circle placed on its characteristic grid,DNA: Black paint: III (2015), sold for $ 300,000 at a Christie’s Day sale in New York. This price was double the work’s high estimate and broke Binion’s previous auction record.

His works on paper, to date, have capped at $ 15,600, or about half the price of the work sold this week by MASSIMODECARLO. On Artsy, the demand for his work increased in 2017 – the year he was included in the central exhibition of the Venice Biennale and had his first solo exhibition with the Italian gallery – with the number of collectors growing. investigating his work on the platform almost tripling from 2016. With a quarter to the end, this year is already his biggest on the platform.


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