Artist Draws Sketch of Female Passenger in Mumbai Local, Her Reaction Is Priceless


An artist’s attempt to spread happiness goes viral on social media and is loved wholeheartedly by netizens. Mumbai-based artist Alisha Vivek Angre, who creates murals and paintings on canvas, never regrets “carrying a bunch of art supplies” because because of it, she drew some cute moments for a lady she met on the train recently.

Straddling the people of Mumbai, Alisha was doodling during her trip when her activity caught the attention of an old lady. Watching with interest, the lady struck up a heartfelt conversation which resulted in Alisha drawing the lady’s portrait in pencil. Sharing her experience in her caption, Alisha wrote, “This lady was traveling to the same place as me and she couldn’t help but peek into my book. She was the sweetest and couldn’t stop talking to me.

Alisha said she couldn’t record “everything” because the train was shaking. “Mumbai people never fail to amaze you with good people. I never regret carrying around a bunch of art supplies because you never know when an idea might pop up, what you might create and make someone smile,” she added.

Since sharing, the video has been viewed by nearly 2,000 people and around 30,000 people have validated the video with a like. Instagram users shared their emotions and reactions in the comments section.

“My heart is full” commented a user. Another wrote: “It’s so beautiful.” One user called the clip “sweet” while others called it “healthy.” According to one user, “It can make someone’s day the best day.”

While this is the first time such a clip has surfaced from India, there are several other artists on social media surprising fellow passengers by portraying them on the train. One such artist is Devon Rodriguez. Looked:

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