Art worlds unite to bring hope to the current global humanitarian crisis


Traditional and NFT artists including Ben Eine, Fanakapan, Pure Evil and Dalek come together to create an NFT group show, “Humanity”, hosted by RedKiteNFT and OurTypes, to raise money for communities in conflict zones .

Overview of humanity

About the show

RedKiteNFT is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of its pioneering show Humanity, a unique, first-of-its-kind NFT launch featuring 33 artists to raise funds for conflict-affected refugees around the world.

This groundbreaking spectacle, marrying the worlds of NFT and Fine Art for the first time, will consist of one artwork per artist, sold in limited editions of eight, with 256 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain available for sale.

It marks the start of a series of exciting drops orchestrated by RedKiteNFT, curating works from a community of contemporary artists to transcend traditional art collecting and bring it to the NFT space on Web3.

“Humanity has been a journey of discovery for us. The charities we work with have opened our eyes to the global refugee crisis and the incredible long-term support they provide. It’s compelling motivation to try to achieve something on this scale, so early in our journey. »

“The support and generosity from all the artists, partners and our Discord community has been amazing.

There’s a lot to be proud of, the artwork is spectacular and we hope to raise a significant amount to donate through this group show. James Robbins, Marketing Director of RedKiteNFT

The catalyst for the show is the current conflict in Ukraine. With the help and support of the wider art world, art collectors, creatives and fans, RedKiteNFT intends to raise awareness in this and other conflict-stricken countries in the whole world.

Global crises have caused the displacement of thousands of communities, RedKiteNFT recognizes this and wants to show its support by donating proceeds to the following charities: The Refugee Council is a leading charity working with refugees and people seeking asylum United Kingdom.

Founded in 1951, following the creation of the UN Refugee Convention, we exist to support and empower people who have made the heartbreaking decision to flee conflict, violence and persecution in order to rebuild their lives here in the Kingdom. -United.

  • The Voices of Children Foundation provides emergency aid to women and children – refugees from all over Ukraine – essentials, settlement and relocation; provide psychological assistance to war-affected children and parents; organizes centers for group lessons with children who have been evacuated from the bombardment zones; providing individual assistance to families with children affected by the war.
  • UNICEF UK, Children’s Emergency Fund The impacts of conflict, COVID-19, climate change and other disasters are being felt around the world. And, as is often the case in times of crisis, it is children and young people who feel the effects the hardest.
  • UNICEF UK’s Children’s Emergency Fund (CEF) is helping to tackle this problem, providing lifesaving and urgent response before, during and after emergencies. Each year, thanks to the generosity of its supporters, UNICEF UK responds to around 300 emergencies. Not all will make the news and some will quickly be forgotten, but all have an impact on children.

Of the 70:30% split that each NFT usually has with the collaboration of RedKite and the artist, RedKite will donate 25% to charities, withholding 5% to cover costs.

All collaborating artists will donate 35% with the voluntary option to make an additional donation. With this and the help of the art world community, RedKite hopes to make a significant contribution to the aid provided by the supported charities.

“I think the recent news has touched us all in one way or another, leaving us a little helpless.

As with any global crisis, artists are among the first to step in to help, and as an NFT platform with access to these artists and a way to raise funds, RedKite made the quick decision to put Humanity, to help refugee charities. .”

“We have some fantastic artists in our line-up, most of whom jumped at the chance to get involved, turning out brilliant work in a short time. This show will not disappoint. Angie Davey, Founder and Curator, RedKiteNFT

NFTs will drop in editions of eight. NFT artwork will be available on the Humanity campaign site, which will soon be followed by a listing on the marketplace with respective countdowns to the launch.

Keep an eye on the RedKiteNFT Discord for the latest updates and previews. You will probably meet some of the artists to chat there too.

With varying prices, art lovers and seasoned art collectors can come together to celebrate art and its evolution knowing that the money they invest is going to a good cause.

Additionally, a donate button will offer collectors and fans the ability to donate any amount to the cause. Regardless of the amount, donors will receive an NFT thank you from RedKiteNFT that will give them access to various benefits and bring together a community of art lovers through the kind act of supporting the cause.

From the RedKiteNFT Discord channel, verified holders of Humanity NFT, including RedKite thanks NFT, will have access to the private HUMANITY Discord channel.

Within this framework, RedKiteNFT will organize exclusive regular promotions with collaborating artists to reward the charitable support of investors.

Discover here the artists and works of art of this extremely special event.

Complete list of participating artists

  • AS
  • Ben Ein
  • Boris Tellegen
  • Carne Griffiths
  • Ceal Warnants
  • Dalek
  • Dave Buonaguidi
  • David Bray
  • Dotmastersn
  • Edd Pearman
  • Euan Roberts
  • Fanakapan
  • Heath Kane
  • Jay Kaes
  • Jesse Wilson
  • Joe Webb
  • Jonas Pfeiffer
  • Joys
  • Laurence Fuller
  • Leon Nikoo
  • Lucie Bennett
  • Lucia Flynn
  • Luke Smile
  • Mr Cenz
  • Mr Penfold
  • nasepop
  • Nero
  • Pure evil
  • Rhys Brown
  • Ricky too
  • Tom Gerard

About RedKiteNFT

RedKiteNFT is a revolutionary Fine Art NFT platform. Through the careful selection of established artists, they aim to bring the traditional art industry to Web 3.

By creating the first platform of its kind, RedKiteNFT addresses the entire spectrum of artistic property within a dynamic and innovative space.

By embracing the ability of NFT marketplaces to make art collecting more accessible, the platform offers various NFTs at different price points, giving collectors the choice to invest in tokenized original artwork via NFTs backed by unique individual assets or NFTs.

The team behind RedKiteNFTs consists of a collaboration of art industry experts and artists with longstanding relationships and experience in the industry.

Using advanced Polygon blockchain technology, RedKiteNFT provides security without the high costs associated with Ethereum.

Working exclusively with well-followed established artists, they deliver exceptional quality as part of an eco-friendly and highly secure solution.

The Humanity NFT drop is an important step in the beginning of RedKiteNFT’s journey, building a community of artists, art collectors and NFT fans.

Through a series of future art promotional events, airdrops and reward systems, they aim to raise awareness and benefit the art world and general public.

The RedKiteNFT team’s wealth of experience and effective ability to coordinate large group shows and collaborate with artists and investors make them a unique player in the NFT and art investment scene.

About our types

Ourtypes is a creative studio that connects with leading international artists to harness their creativity, manifest their distinct styles, and spark powerful collaborations.

OurTypes was co-founded by Ben Eine, one of the world’s most successful street artists and a pioneer in the exploration of contemporary typographic art.

With a career that spans over 30 years, Eine has an extensive portfolio of fonts and works celebrated around the world – from the streets of Shoreditch to Louis Vuitton and the White House.

About DropHook

DropHook is the solution to digital art chaos!

From drop dates to live events in their North3 gallery, institutional support for art and technology is always at the center of what they do.

Their goal is to create a professional structure around the collection of digital art, while supporting artists with market data to facilitate their journey and decisions.

Important links

Humanity Campaign | RedKiteNFT Discord | RedKiteNFT website | UNICEF Children’s Emergency Fund UK | The Refugee Council | Children’s Voice Foundation | OurTypes | DropHook


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