Art Museum’s New Exhibit Celebrates Idaho Artists


IDAHO FALLS – A new exhibit at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho highlights the work of Idaho artists.

The museum is currently hosting the 2022 “Art Idaho” exhibit. The artworks featured in the exhibit are all entries for the museum’s biennial competition. Art Idaho is open to any artist currently living in the state of Idaho.

“(‘Art Idaho’) started in 2003, a year after the art museum opened, so it’s been going on for a long time,” TAM executive director Miyai Abe Griggs told “It was originally known as ‘Idaho Paints Idaho’ and at the time they partnered with the state park, so it was primarily a landscape display. Over the years it has evolved. »

The 2022 exhibition includes nearly four dozen pieces spanning a number of mediums. The pieces were judged by Michael Faison, the executive director of the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

“(Michael) has been an art administrator for years, but his background is in studio art,” Griggs said. “What I try to do when selecting a juror is to find someone who has a broad experience, who appreciates a lot of different styles and mediums and things like that. With Michael, I knew he had quite a broad experience and understanding of the visual arts.

Faison received digital images of each submission, which he used to select the pieces included. Faison then went to the Art Museum to judge the pieces and select the winners.

The winners of this year’s Art Idaho competition are Delphine Keim and Sally Graves Machlis for their multimedia work “Sisters in Migration: India”.

Griggs said that while “Art Idaho” is a competition, its primary purpose is to showcase the work of artists who call Idaho home and give them a venue to display their work.

Adam Forsgren,

“(‘Art Idaho’) is a celebration of Idaho artists and all that moved them at the time,” she said. “Part of your progression as an artist is that at some point you exhibit or screen your work for people. I think that’s hard. Putting your art out in the world for other people to seeing is not an easy thing for most artists, so these opportunities to display your work are important.One of our missions at the Art Museum is to give Idaho artists a place to display their work at the audience.

“Art Idaho” also gives potential artists in the state the opportunity to see that art isn’t something that just happens in New York or California. There’s a lot of creative work going on in the Gem State.

“Sometimes it seems like we don’t appreciate the things that happen in our own backyard,” Griggs said. “But there are some really outstanding artists here in our state and (Art Idaho) is our opportunity to shine a light on them.”

“One of the things we heard about our last show with Gloria Miller Allen and Sherian Miller Lewis was that some of the kids who came to see that show were very impressed that (the artists) were from Idaho Falls,” she added. “It makes the artists more real instead of something you see in a museum or a book. I think it inspires the next generation, whether they become artists or whatever they become, to achieve their goals.

You can visit the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho’s “Art Idaho 2022” exhibit through October 29. Visit the museum’s website or follow TAM on Facebook or Instagram for more information.

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