Andy Haslit is the new host of the Faculty’s Art Gallery – The Wayne Stater


The faculty’s new art gallery opened on October 1 in the Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery, in Conn’s Library. It presents six of the art faculties and their chosen mediums.

The showcase and exhibition of the faculty take place once a year. Associate Professor Andy Haslit manages the gallery and permanent art collection that can be seen on campus. According to Haslit, the exhibition offers WSC professors the opportunity to showcase their professional work, which doesn’t always show up in class. It is also a good opportunity for the campus community and faculty to see the work of the faculty and appreciate the talents of the WSC faculty.

There are six artists exhibiting their work, and each used a different medium. The artists and their mediums are: Carolyne Albracht- watercolor mixed media, Francine Fox- painting, Sarah Lemmon- sculpture, Josh Piersant- graphic design, Beatriz Rodriguez- engraving and Leroy Von Glan-ceramic.

“It’s a mix of media and style because it’s about six separate people,” Haslit said.

There is no one-size-fits-all theme for all pieces, but individual artists definitely have their own theme in mind for their works. Piersanti, professor of graphic design, said his theme was to use Photoshop to try to be humorous, but also convincing of the merits of the work.

The two works of Piersanti which are presented are “Job Shadow” and “Infiltration”. Essentially, Piersanti said he added himself to an “Avengers Endgame” photo, not because he was a superhero. He looks out of place and can’t keep up with superheroes, hence the light-hearted nature of the parts.

There is a lot of work to be done to put together an art showcase. Haslit needs to know when the art is deposited and he also has four assistants who learn how to set up a gallery, how to hang the pieces and make sure everything is straight. Haslit said the entire event is being staged in just a few days. It’s Haslit’s job to determine the layout of the exhibit, which is aesthetically pleasing to place or hang next to each other. For example, there is an exhibition wall that is visible from Einstein’s Bagels, for this wall Haslit said he will choose something colorful that will stand out, because if it is black and white it will be more hard to see and therefore to get lost.

“My hope for the exhibition is that everyone can see the skills of the teachers and show that they are keen to show their work and help everyone develop their skills,” said Piersanti.

The gallery will be open until November 4 a week before the opening of the next gallery.


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