An AI Program Perfectly Places Tom Holland As Every Character In THE LEGEND OF ZELDA


Art made with artificial intelligence starts many conversations. The masterful use of an artist from the AI ​​program Midjourney has led many to speculate that Tom Holland will play Link in a The The Legend of Zelda Netflix movie. And honestly, we would watch it. Unfortunately, it’s not real. Still. After all, Holland’s wish-granting casting history includes his most famous role as Spider-Man. But perhaps Dan Leveille’s AI art could very well be the first step to making it a reality. He shared a variety of posters showing Holland as the Hylian hero. They vary in their realism and pointy ears, but overall the character design is stunning. The project also extended to the fan-casting of each character of a The Legend of Zelda film… And also to launch Tom Holland as each character in a The Legend of Zelda movie called Tom’s Temple.


We saw these amazing “teaser photos” on geeks are sexy. While we keep waiting for this breath of the wild afteradd “Tom Holland plays Link in a The Legend of Zelda movie” to our wishlist. Léveillé Instagram Feed is full of other AI art, including other versions of Link as well as realistic versions of Super Mario characters.

Léveillé took it a step further after the work gained popularity online. He asked OpenAI’s GPT-3 program to write a script to go along with them. The guest ? Link revealing that he is gay. It’s great and it leads to dialogues like “I’m not only the hero of time, I’m also the hero of homosexuality”. Again, we would watch it. Just maybe not the version where every line is delivered in the voice of an AI program.

The full cast of the AI-generated product The Legend of Zelda Film

Now the entire cast of Netflix’s fake live-action Zelda can also be seen via AI. Take a look at what Leville has created. From Emma Watson as Zelda to Idris Elba as Ganon to Gemma Chan as the Great Fairy to Sadie Sink as Malon, we support all of this casting.

Tom Holland as every character in The Legend of Zelda

Hilariously, many on the internet missed that this Tom Holland directed The Legend of Zelda the movie came from an AI generator. Unsurprisingly, parts of the internet thought Tom Holland would really be starring in the fake Netflix production. (He won’t!) With that in mind, Leville created even more AI art for his fictional piece. In this latest version of The Legend of Zelda meets Tom Holland, Tom Holland actually plays all the roles in the film. Leville calls this movie: Tom’s Temple.

Check it out:

This work is certainly less disturbing than some other movie posters created using Midjourney and a similar program called DALL-E. Midjourney also showed which characters from The simpsons would have look like real life. This version of fan-casting is an interesting use of AI. We are intrigued.

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Originally published September 20, 2022.

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