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Quick credits are a great idea when it comes to solving specific contingencies that may arise quickly, easily and easily. Also, you do not need to justify why you need the money and you will save yourself a lot of bureaucratic paperwork. We tell you everything you need to know below.

What are the credits without paperwork instantly and when is it advisable to use them?

What are the credits without paperwork instantly and when is it advisable to use them?

The credits without paperwork are instantly a type of financing increasingly demanded that are granted fulfilling only basic conditions: be of legal age, have a valid ID and hold a bank account. Normally, they are used to deal with important expenses that suddenly arise.

However, you must ensure that you can return the money within the period established before requesting it. We advise you to use them whenever it is not to pay other outstanding debts, as well as not to ask them systematically. They are credits of small amount thought for specific moments.

Where are the quick credits requested?

Currently there are different ways of acquiring personal financing that go beyond traditional banks. Many people look for quick money, which thanks to new technologies can be easily achieved. With the online tools that we currently have, we can acquire credits online with the same or better conditions than those offered by banks.

Many times we look for more effective and quick formulas to deal with a specific economic problem. This is where fast loans come into play, since banks usually take about one to two weeks to deliver the money, depending on the client’s financial profile.

To get money urgently, you can use the quick credits, which will allow you to have the requested amount in no more than 15 minutes.

How do you apply for a credit without paperwork instantly?

The request has been greatly simplified so that all types of customers can enjoy a simple service and as agile as possible. Therefore, fast loans are requested online. You just need to indicate the amount you need and a realistic deadline in which you can return it. With the web calculator itself you will be able to know the exact costs in a completely transparent way. This way you can decide between making the request or not.

Once this is done, you will have to complete an online form on the platform. In it you will be briefly asked some questions on the basis of which you will be given an automatic response. The personal data that are required are scarce, since these credits are designed to give you money very quickly.

Later you will have to scan a series of documents. Normally, it will only be the DNI to verify your identity and some way of demonstrating that the account you have given so that the money is sent to you is indeed yours. This method avoids fraud and identity theft.

Completed these steps, you will receive a response in less than 15 minutes and you may have already managed to solve your unforeseen economic.

The interests of a quick credit

Fast loans without paperwork have associated costs, just like with any financial product. You must take them into account before accepting the request to get fast money.

The cost you will pay in a single fee, which will be charged on the day you have indicated. If you do not pay it, you will be charged default interest. Normally, the pages that offer credits incorporate a calculator that informs with total transparency of said associated costs to avoid that you take surprises later.

The maximum amount you can request in a quick credit

The amount you can ask depends on different factors. However, the usual thing is to move between 50 and 300 € if it is the first time you demand one. If you have previously requested credits and returned them, the trust in you will be greater and you can request more. Normally, this will not exceed € 700. However, there is no standard answer to this question, as each lender can put the maximum amount you want.

Is it safe to ask for a quick credit online?

Is it safe to ask for a quick credit online ?

The security of the customer when requesting a quick credit is always a priority for the lenders. Therefore, any information that you send over the Internet to this type of entity will be protected. These private entities have security systems to protect user data, which are implemented in the encrypted servers where your information is stored.

Any type of transaction, as well as your bank details, will be encrypted. No third party can access this information, since otherwise the lender would receive a very serious penalty according to the new European Data Protection Regulation.

What information do you have to contribute?

What information do you have to contribute?

Quick credits try to process as quickly as possible. Therefore, the verification of your data will be done automatically. The reason is that, in this way, you can receive an answer, as well as the amount of money, at any time of day, wherever you are. In addition to your data, your financial health will be checked, which will protect you if someone is trying to impersonate you.

To verify your identity, you will usually need to provide both sides of your valid ID. If you are a foreigner and reside in Spain, the entity may request an extra requirement. In turn, when you have to verify your bank account, you will have to show a receipt that is registered in your name, a photocopy of the first page of your bank card and a certificate from the bank where it is appreciated that you are the owner of the account.

Therefore, what you will contribute will be your name and surnames, the number of your account and if what you show is an extract, the date of its issuance. The process is very simple, since it is usually done through the platform to which you request the credit. The more accurate and correct the information, the faster you will be granted credit. No need to leave the house!

So, how can you be a successful candidate?

When you send a quick credit application you must make sure you meet the requirements of the lender. This will reveal your financial and personal situation and you will be able to receive the money you need. Normally, the lender will analyze the information that you have contributed in your application. A study will be made of the documentation you have provided and the different databases available.

To be a successful candidate, you must have the ability to return the money. To do this, the credit institution will make an evaluation that determines if you can make the refund of the amount contributed on the date you have decided, without it being a serious financial problem for you.

In addition, you must meet certain requirements. As with other financial products, quick credits incorporate basic requirements and conditions, such as having an account in a bank, to which the money can be sent and in which to be able to collect the amortization and interest when the time comes; be of legal age and, normally, have residence in Spanish territory. It may be that, in addition, the entity to which you request the credit adds some other requirement in order to verify your identity.

Another necessary aspect is that you know both the amount of money you need and the time you need to return it. This step is very important to be able to know exactly what credit you need. Therefore, you should stop and think about the amount you can afford to solve your economic problem.

Keep in mind that interest will be lower the less time you spend on the return. However, you must set a realistic time, since in the event that in the end you can not comply with the return within the period indicated, interest arrears will be higher than compensation, so the credit will end up being more expensive to the long

But the stated requirements are quite easy to achieve. For this reason, most clients usually receive the answer in only 15 minutes since they send the request. This is something that makes this kind of financial products an almost incredible way to solve specific problems of money that need fast attention.

Can you request a quick credit if you are in financial credit institutions or similar register?

As a general rule, in traditional banking institutions your credit application will be rejected if you figure in a list as financial credit institutions or similar. However, this is not always the case in private lenders. Normally, not being enrolled in financial credit institutions is not an essential requirement for you to be approved without paperwork credit instantly.

The application for quick credits if you do not have a salary

The application for quick credits if you do not have a salary

As we have mentioned, the request for quick credits does not require many paperwork. Therefore, you will not need a payroll to request one. The platforms of these entities have an online section where you can ask for quick money only by providing some information and scarce documentation.

What is intended is to design a service of utility for all those people who want to get money urgently. Therefore, the requirements for this are reduced, eliminating the need to provide information related to your payroll. What you need to get a quick credit is to have a regular income. However, such income does not have to be associated with a payroll; they can come from a pension, unemployment benefit, a scholarship or other sources.

The extension of credits without paperwork instantly

Each lender performs a thorough examination before delivering a quick credit to the requesting client. Basically, it ensures that the client complies with the commitment to return the borrowed amount. However, sometimes there are some circumstances that make customers can not, despite everything, cope with the agreed return within the period established for that purpose.

If on the day in which your return has been established, you do not make it effective, you will be charged an extra charge for non-payment, in addition to which the late interest will begin to run. These amounts will be added automatically to your debt. What is certain is that both the amount of default and the amount of interest for delay will be informed in advance your acceptance of the receipt. That is, the extra amounts you will pay to extend the loan will not be a surprise for you, because you will know them beforehand.

For this reason we told you at the beginning that it is preferable to set a realistic deadline even if you have to pay more interest. The default interest in case of not paying the day of the expiration of the term will be greater than what you would have paid if you set more time to pay from the beginning. The interest rate for delay will be daily and will affect each day of delay, but always in accordance with the conditions and stipulations of the contract.

The real price of a quick credit

The fast credit application platforms will offer you all the information you need when it comes to knowing what amount you should return at the end. You will know the exact price of your credit with total transparency, so that you do not pay any amount you did not know before for the use of urgent or short-term credit services.

You will only need to dial the exact amount you wish to borrow and the date you signal to return it. The total calculation of the money to be returned will be automatic and it will include the daily interest. For customers who have previously used the services of the same platform, there are usually better conditions and facilities in case they meet the due dates of the urgent credits.

In short, fast loans are an increasingly demanded option that can solve an important economic unexpected. At Astro Finance we know perfectly well that more and more people are turning to them and are satisfied with the services provided.


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