AI and Machine Learning Enter Chipotle’s Kitchen Machine Learning Times

Originally published in RSQ magazineSeptember 27, 2022.

Chipotle’s next era of technology has begun to take shape in restaurants, with a central focus on optimization. On Tuesday, the fast casual announced that it was piloting several technologies to streamline operations and remove friction from its business. The first, being tested in select Southern California restaurants, is an on-demand kitchen management system that provides demand-based cooking and ingredient prep forecasts to “optimize throughput and freshness while minimizing food waste,” the company said.

By deploying AI and machine learning, the system monitors ingredient levels in real time and alerts employees on how much to prepare, cook and when to start cooking, while automatically completing production planning in time. real for each restaurant.

“The new kitchen management system has taken the manual work out of our team and given restaurant managers the tools they need to make informed decisions in the moment, ultimately allowing them to focus on delivering an exceptional dining experience. and an exceptional customer experience,” Curt Garner, chief technology officer, said in a statement.

The system is powered by PreciTaste and currently lives in eight units in Orange County, California. Chipotle said early results suggest the technology is effectively streamlining kitchen operations for crew members while “always ensuring a full array of fresh ingredients for guests.”

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