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Molten is a new block theme from premier WordPress.org theme author, Paul Truong, designed for chefs and restaurateurs to showcase their work. The theme emphasizes quirky food photography with bold typography featuring Playfair Display font for headings and Source Sans Pro for paragraph text.

Truong is working on setting up a marketing site for the theme, so there is no demo at the moment. One downside is that it doesn’t include any full-page templates where you can quickly create a homepage or menu page without having to think about how the design should fit together. You’ll have to rely on your own sense of design, but Molten comes with plenty of templates for creating pages.

Molten has four different hero templates, three “coming soon” templates and six “call to action” templates in different layouts (media and text, full-width cover with text and button, and three columns with images and contents). The theme also comes with a large gallery block template and multiple location template templates.

There’s almost nothing worse than a restaurant website that makes you download a PDF menu. It’s not mobile or SEO optimized, and downloading a separate file is a terrible user experience. Restorers have traditionally used PDF files because it is easier to update by uploading and replacing old files. It is also easier to design it to approximate the printed menu. Blocks can make it easier for restaurants to abandon this practice of using PDFs. A block-based menu can be quickly modified and expanded as needed without disturbing file uploads.

Molten includes four menu block templates with different layouts for wine lists, dishes, and prices.

Molten offers nine templates and five template parts for users who want to dive into full site editing. There are several light and dark footer and header templates, search, archive, completely blank template, and more. It includes four style variations that can significantly change the mood of the website.

All in all, the theme has just about everything a “coming soon” restaurant or establishment could need in terms of layout and design. The default color palette has a simple black and white typographic design that emphasizes food. Molten is available for free in the WordPress theme directory.


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