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This video shared on Instagram by Good News Dog shows how an autistic child can write in different fonts with their own hands.

There are many children with different abilities who are born with such talents that people can even really suppress. Just like this child named Sebastian who is five years old but has such an incredible photographic memory that he can reproduce with his hands the fonts he sees on his screen. This autistic child suffers from a condition called hyperlexia which he makes the most of.

Inserting text into the video helps people understand exactly what is going on throughout the video. “A five-year-old with autism writes different fonts with chalk,” it read. And the video has certainly caught the attention of netizens as the kid is really good at replicating different fonts that can be seen on their screens just with the help of his hands.

Watch it here:

The video was posted on Instagram a little over four hours ago and since then it has drawn several comments from people who have not stopped praising the little one’s talent. It has also received over 44,000 likes to date.

One Instagram user wrote, “He does it so fast it’s mind blowing.” “Get that kid a calligraphy set,” reads another comment. A third comment says, “Century Gothic is my favorite font! He’s up to it!” The comment was accompanied by a purple heart emoji.

Sebastian’s Instagram biography states that he has been “a reader for 18 months, obsessed with writing and reading.” There are several other videos on Sebastian’s dedicated Instagram page that show him practicing fonts that can be seen in Microsoft Office and other similar applications. Just like this video. Or maybe this one.

What do you think of this little boy with his autism and his genius?


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