5-Year-Old Surprises The Internet With Perfectly Recreating Text Fonts


A boy with an unusual talent for calligraphy has drawn viral attention online after a video of him writing in perfect fonts received more than 4 million views on TikTok.

Five-year-old Sebastian has wowed the internet with videos shared by his parents, from spelling words backwards to learning the Armenian alphabet.

The video was shared on Monday, showing Sebastian using chalk to reproduce well-known computer fonts.

Perfectly recreating fonts such as Cooper Black, Century Gothic and Copperplate, his skills have won over viewers.

Sebastian lives with his mother Amanda and his father Ryan in New Mexico. Ryan said Newsweek“We first noticed that Sebastian was different around 18 months when he learned the Russian alphabet out of nowhere and could spell and write about 200 words.”

“As he got older, things progressed – he knows the periodic table of elements by heart and knows about ten different print languages. He can also write the alphabet in all of these languages.”

Sebastian suffers from autism and hyperlexia. Autism is a condition that affects the way a person thinks, feels and experiences their environment. Diagnosed as an autism spectrum disorder, the spectrum refers to the wide range of experiences and traits experienced by people with autism.

The Very Well Family website explains that hyperlexia is defined as exceptional reading ability at an early age, without age-appropriate language and speech skills. Often a sign of autism, children with hyperlexia exhibit excellent visual and auditory memories – remembering the things they see and hear in fine detail with very little effort.

Amazed by Sebastian’s skills, TikTok users shared their praise. One commenter said, “As a graphic designer, I can say these fonts are 100% identical. Child prodigy.” Another wrote: “Coming from an artist this is a scary superpower.”

Re-shared on Reddit’s popular r/nextf****** subreddit, Sebastian’s talent has earned thousands of upvotes and hundreds of raving comments on the discussion site.

“I’m a designer and I can’t do it that well,” said one Reddit user. Another wrote: “[This] child will be an incredible graffiti artist!”

“This is the third video to go viral with her skills,” Ryan said, “It’s definitely overwhelming – all the attention. I hope the video can show people that autism isn’t a stigma that we should avoid and just accept it.”

“It’s not a disability, it’s a different ability. They can access parts of their brain that we can’t access.”

“So impressive,” wrote one viewer of the viral video. “This boy never fails to amaze me,” said another.

Photos of Sebastian’s recreations of well-known text fonts. The 5-year-old’s incredible talent has taken the internet by storm.

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