20 Best Gifts For Nursing Students 2021


There will never be a shortage of things a nursing student will need. Whether it’s new scrubs, a new stethoscope, or handy info cards, your search for the perfect gift for a nursing student should start here.

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Badge holder Clips

These badge reels are fun, cute, and affordable on Amazon!

Buy these cute badge clips on Amazon

Better yet, support a business owned by nurses! Founded by Donna Bowden, RN Badge-A-Peel badge holders are fun and innovative. Nurses can make their badge reel interchangeable using velcro and they are each covered with mylar to make it cleanable and suitable for hospitals. As a business founded and owned by nurses, these badge clips are taking the healthcare profession by storm. Nursing students love them because they can change them for each clinical placement and customize them to suit their nursing career path.

Buy A-Peel badge starting at $ 6.95


Comfortable and durable shoes are a MUST for all nursing students, especially when entering clinics.

Figs has teamed up with New Balance to create an amazing shoe for nurses!

Buy FIGS | New Balance 996 Women’s For $ 98.00

Hoka OneOne is made for runners and is extremely comfortable!

Shop these highly recommended HOKA ONE ONE sneakers on Amazon for $ 165.00

Compression socks

While still in nursing school, students work long hours, work 12-hour clinical days, and often have jobs in a health care facility. It is important to protect the legs from cramps, varicose veins and other damage, even at a young age.

Shop These Top Rated Nursing Compression Socks on Amazon

New laptop

Your student will be forever grateful for having a new laptop, especially a 2020 Mac Book Pro!

Buy MacBook Pro on Amazon

Noise canceling headphones

Listeners. College students are noisy! Help your students concentrate by giving them a good pair or headphones to limit the possibility of distractions. Best of all, they’ll hear everything clearly if they take online classes!

Buy Apple AirPods from Amazon for $ 114.99

Buy these noise canceling headphones on Amazon for $ 59.99


The Passion Planner – this is the most recommended planner by nursing students. Not only does this help you stay super organized, it also helps you plan (and stay on track) with short and long term goals!

Buy this Passion Planner on Amazon for $ 30

Deep tissue massager

Nursing school is stressful and busy, help your nursing student relax and unwind with this amazing deep tissue massager. Relieve tension in neck and shoulders, muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains.

Buy this heated neck and shoulder massager on Amazon

uNight Light by Lumifycare

A portable LED light designed by nurses Anthony Scarpone-Lambert and Jennifferre Mancillas, for nurses – this light is perfect for students learning the art of clinical assessment. uNight Light is lightweight, hands-free, water repellent and cleanable with any hospital grade disinfectant. With three separate settings (white, red and blue lights), studies have shown that this light reduces sleep disturbances by 70% while still allowing nurses and nursing students to closely examine a patient.

Buy Lumifycare uNight Light for $ 24.00

Buying study guides might not seem like the best gift for nursing students, but it is actually the perfect gift as most nursing students struggle to attend nursing school. All nursing students must pass the NCLEX before becoming a registered nurse.

To help you reach your goal, nurse.com is offering nurse.org readers a 25% discount on a 2-year subscription from December 13 to 22 at midnight. Click here to start and use Discount code : 2YEARNCLEXPREP25

Here are some more specific details about this incredible offer:

  • 25% discount on the 2-year plan
  • $ 61.50 per month for 6 months (then 18 months FREE)
  • Includes NCLEX preparation (including 5 computer adaptive NCLEX simulation exams)
  • Includes over 2,000 lessons, over 2,100 study tools, over 6,000 NCLEX-style practice questions

Steps to start a membership:

Youtube video

Slow cooker

The Hamilton Beach Forget 6 Quart Set and Slow Cooker are a great gift for nursing students who are too busy to cook a nutritious meal. For example, when it comes to eating meals, it’s easier to grab burgers from a drive-thru, order or reheat a frozen pizza. While nursing students often juggle classes, the clinic, and maybe a job, this slow cooker makes one person come home with a delicious meal that tastes and smells!

Buy a Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Portable Set and Forget the Digital Programmable Slow Cooker for $ 64.99

Portable mixer

Designed for people on the go, nursing students can take this portable blender with them to class, clinic, or a study session. Perfect for smoothies and shakes, the Hamilton Beach 14oz Personal Blender is dishwasher safe, increases the one touch blend setting and is available in a variety of fun colors.

Buy the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender from $ 18.85


Littman has been the trusted brand for healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors and students, since the 1960s. With its wide range of acoustics and options, Littman has something for every nurse.

Buy the 3M Littman Stethoscope, Cardiology, on Amazon starting at $ 177.47

Dear – yes! Perfect for the nursing student interested in working in a cardiac intensive care unit, hard of hearing, or interested in pursuing graduate studies in nursing – yes! The 3M Littmann Core Digital Stethoscope improves auscultation through amplification, active noise cancellation and AI-powered software. It features 40X sound amplification and 7 volume settings, on / off toggle, audio filters, notification light, ANC microphone port and record button. The stethoscope has Bluetooth wireless connection, Micro USB charging, IOS and Android compatibility. It really is the perfect stethoscope and we found it at its lowest possible price!

Sleeping mask

Let’s be honest – most new nurses are put on the night shift. Nursing students are going to beg for a great sleep mask to help them catch quality ZZZZs in their first few months of work. Also a great option for sleep deprived students cramming for finals between nursing clinics.

These contoured eye sleep masks are 100% effective in blocking bothersome daytime sunlight. They also have deep eye pockets so that your eyelashes won’t touch the top of the fabric when you sleep or blink and affect their eye makeup.

Buy LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask 3 Pack for $ 11.99

Bottle of water

The S’ip by S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottles are a great gift for your favorite nursing student! These water bottles are double-walled insulated and keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 10 hours. Ideal for students busy during the clinic but also ready to accept their first nursing position.

Buy S’ip by S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle from $ 15.22

We also LOVE these customizable cups – so cute!

Buy this tumbler on Amazon

Snack boxes

College students always need a healthy snack! We found this awesome snack box on amazon that comes equipped with a cute note and badge clip!

Buy this gift set on Amazon for $ 24.99

Badge Clip Notes (Nurse Brain Sheets)

These 13 badge clips are perfect for busy situations or as a quick reminder of different medications, illnesses or other information. Easy to attach to any badge clip, these waterproof badge clips are sure to please your favorite nursing student!

Buy a complete set of RN CNA NA horizontal nurse badge cards starting at $ 19.99

Amazon gift card

University is expensive, and nursing school is even MORE expensive. Any nursing student would LOVE an amazon gift card to spend on the things they really need (or maybe even treat themselves to getting good grades)

Buy an Amazon gift card in the amount of your choice!


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