16 menu font choices for restaurants


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Restaurant owners can spend days, weeks, months, or even a lifetime developing the perfect menus for their catering establishments. It would be a shame if the design of the menu left so much to be desired that customers lost interest in the quality dishes offered inside. A menu is often the first impression customers have of a restaurant, and it’s essential that it be designed in a unique, legible, and inviting font.

How to choose the perfect menu font for your restaurant

With millions of fonts to choose from from top font sites like Adobe Fonts and Envato Elements, how do you choose the perfect menu font for your restaurant?

You don’t need to be a professional designer to choose the best menu fonts. Whether you’re creating the menu from scratch or relying on a restaurant menu creator, consider the following tips to choose the perfect rental combination.

Identify the font family

Before you can select the premium fonts for your menu design, you can narrow down the options considerably by deciding which font family best represents your restaurant brand. Will you choose a font that includes a sans serif font or a serif font? You might even prefer a handwritten typeface or a type of novelty display.

Focus on clarity and readability

Restaurant patrons don’t want to strain their eyes reading your menu, so be sure to choose menu fonts that are readable and clear, even for visually impaired patrons. If they can’t read the menu, they probably won’t become regular customers trying new foods. While you want to choose unique and memorable fonts for your restaurant menu design, make sure you don’t sacrifice clarity.

Determine the tone of your menu

What mood do you want your restaurant menu to inspire? A font carries a lot of weight in determining the overall tone presented by a brand. Do you want your restaurant to be known as classic and elegant? Choose a serif typeface. Fun and adventurous? Stick with san serif or some handwritten fonts. Your chosen menu font gives your brand personality, and choosing the wrong font can lead to a confusing dining experience.

Strengthen your brand

Does your restaurant have its own logo? Consider your brand’s existing designs when choosing menu fonts. If you can’t match fonts exactly, consider choosing a typeface from the same font family as your sign, logo, or other food packaging and displays. If your logo relies on a tricky script font, for example, it might not make sense to use a casual sans serif display font for your menu design.

Best Handwritten Menu Fonts for Restaurants

Handwritten fonts are fonts designed to look like authentic human handwriting, and they’re a popular choice for menu fonts because they foster a personal connection between customers and brands. Handwritten fonts also make it possible to design remarkable and memorable menus. What are the best handwritten fonts for menus?

1. Wood line

The graceful strokes and textured lines of the Timberline font, available from Adobe Fonts and other popular sources, promise to add character to restaurant menus. The versatile font could highlight the menus of a variety of restaurants, from hip and trendy cafes to classic and elegant fine dining establishments.

2. Coarse cookie

A unique handwritten font with real character, the Rude Cookie font promises to stand out on restaurant menus and happily welcome patrons to the establishment. Rude Cookie is available from a variety of popular sources, including Envato Elements.

3. Haste

Another popular craft font for restaurant menu design, the Haste font is available from Envato Elements, among other online sources. Haste is sure to be the highlight of any menu it adorns, thanks to its unique characters that really look like handwritten art.

Best Display Fonts for Restaurants

Ideal for titles and menu headings, a display font is typography designed specifically for display in larger sizes. Due to their extensive appearance, display fonts can often be designed with more creative elements than other fonts. What are the best display fonts for restaurant menu design?

4. Armadira

The clarity of Armadira display font promises to convey your message clearly. Available from Envato Elements and other popular font sites, the Armadira font is sure to become a timeless classic illustrating the content of any restaurant menu design.

5. Decorative head

Decohead is an elegant display font characterized by its graceful strokes of varying widths. The art deco-inspired typeface is available from Envato Elements and other popular font sites, and it promises to add a sophisticated tone to any menu design.

6. Mornel

Do you want to select a menu font that reflects the charm and originality of your restaurant? The Morthern font is an animated display font featuring old-style characters, and it can be found on Envato Elements as well as other popular sources.

Best Sans Serif Fonts for Restaurant Menus

Sans serif fonts are some of the best restaurant menu fonts because of their classic style and clear readability. Basic sans serif fonts are some of the most popular menu fonts because their simplicity allows them to fit into virtually any design, and their clarity makes typefaces easy to read for any restaurant patron.

7. Stove

A brand new typeface available from Envato Elements and other online sources, the Cuciniere font was designed especially for foodies. The unique font is packed with character, almost resembling a handwritten font while maintaining the sans serif type structure.

8. Cafe Francoise

A simple yet charming typeface that is sure to be the highlight of any restaurant menu, the Cafe Françoise font was inspired by the exterior chalk menu board signage featuring a cafe’s daily specials. Although the font is available from multiple sources, it can be found on Envato Elements.

9. Morning coffee

A handcrafted sans serif font, Coffee Morning greets customers with cheerful typography while maintaining its clarity and readability. The font, available from Envato Elements, features imperfect shapes and rough strokes, giving it the character that so many restaurants hope to be known for.

More amazing fonts for menu items

Want to create a welcoming, powerful and memorable restaurant menu design? Don’t limit yourself to the font choices above. There are many other amazing fonts for menu items.

10. Baskerville PT

The purpose of any menu is to be read, so it is important that the typography detailing menu items is clear and legible. The Baskerville PT font, available from Adobe Fonts among other sources, is a popular serif font, the perfect font choice for restaurant menu items.

11. Original Burger

Perfect for hip burgers, the Original Burger font is available from Envato Elements and other popular font sites. The handmade font consisting of capital letters, punctuation marks and numbers sets the appropriate tone for exciting and relaxing restaurant atmospheres.

12. Giaza

A classic addition to any fine dining experience, the Giaza font uses smooth curves to create a beautiful serif typeface. The font is available from a variety of popular font sites, including Envato Elements.

13. Theodore manuscript

A handwritten typeface, Theodore Handwritten is a modern script suitable for both menu highlights and menu item detailing. The font is available from Envato Elements as well as a variety of other top font sites.

14. Keneisha

Looking to highlight your menu with a calligraphic script font? The Keneisha font features a variable baseline, designed to convey elegance and style. Available from online sources including Envato Elements, the font promises to boost the creative design of any menu.

15. Brioche

A modern yet classic serif font, Brioche features sharp edges and smooth lines to create an ideal menu font for elegant restaurants or casual diners. The font, offered by Envato Elements, offers alternatives for many characters, making it a versatile choice for menu design.

16. Linotype Didot

A popular serif font known for its clarity and readability, Linotype Didot, available from Adobe Fonts, is a great alternative for printing menu items.

What is the best font for menus?

What is the best font for menu items? The font you choose for your restaurant menu can have a huge impact on how customers perceive your small business. The best menu font is Baskerville PT. The serif font is the ideal typeface for restaurant menu design as it conveys a sense of class and elegance while remaining legible in a variety of sizes.

What is the best font size for a menu?

Menu fonts should be easy to read, even for diners with less than perfect vision. The best font size for a restaurant menu is no less than 20-30 point, although headings and titles should be in larger fonts. For display menus, your text should be 1 inch larger for every 10 feet of distance between your customers and the menu.

What is an easy to read font for a menu?

Sometimes it is better to choose a simple font in order to design an easy to read menu. If you’re looking for an easy-to-read font for your restaurant menu, try basic sans serif fonts like Helvetica, Arial, or Georgia. Coffee Morning is also an easy-to-read sans serif font with a modern twist that provides uniqueness to restaurant menus.

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