12 Cheugy Halloween Trends You Still Secretly Love


As Halloween approaches, you might be looking for some new outfits and decorations. If you’re looking for inspiration, slightly outdated trends can sometimes be the funniest, and TBH, if you still love chic Halloween looks, that’s understandable. From the look of the 90s to the early 90s, there are plenty of old trends you can still incorporate into your Halloween celebration. So, while you count through October 31, you’ll want to check out these 12 fun Halloween trends and maybe add them to your line of spooky seasonal items for a touch of nostalgia.

ICYMI, the word cheugy relates to all the things in millennial culture that Gen Z considers a bit old-fashioned or even cringe-worthy, but it’s not a total dig. More than anything, people who are cheugy keep calling each other for it in hilarious, light-hearted memes. If it was hip in the 2000s, it’s probably boring, which means there are a lot of Halloween dishes out there that fit the bill. Luckily for someone who is still an idiot, there is nothing wrong with loving the past a bit and sticking to those trends, because anyone can be a dumb. Along with the decor and clothing shipped to you, you can find items from $ 3 to $ 50.

Whether it’s items like Halloween window stickers or iron-on patch sweatshirts, these fun Halloween trends just might be your next favorite purchase.

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1. Halloween iron-on patches and sweatshirts

Iron-on patches and sweatshirts certainly had a moment in the ’90s and 2000s, and this Halloween trend is hard to beat. You can find many patches that you can iron on a shirt yourself or opt for a sweatshirt that already has patches on it.

2. Sweatshirts with puffy paint pattern

Puffy paint was such a thing in the early 2000s. You can get a vintage sweatshirt with fun designs like pumpkins, cats, and spiders. Or, if you’re feeling smart, you can get some blown paint and decorate a plain sweatshirt for a custom look.

3. Rae Dunn Typography Halloween Phrases

There is no such thing as a typography design by Rae Dunn that says Halloween weird, and there are plenty of decals and decorations that will be scary in your place.

4. Ceramic haunted houses

If you remember all those little ceramic haunted houses your family used to collect, they still exist – and they still look great.

5. Floral skeletons and skulls

Mixing up flowers, skeletons, and skulls is a spooky vibe, and you can find patterns in art prints and table settings.

6. Skeleton outfits

While skeletons are synonymous with Halloween, the need to wear a literal skeleton design on your pants or shirt is ridiculous … but so tempting.

7. Halloween slogan t-shirts

“If the broom fits, fly it!” There is nothing quite like a cheesy Halloween slogan t-shirt to show off your love for the holidays.

8. Cute pumpkin and scarecrow costumes

For some reason, throughout the ’90s and 2000s adorable scarecrow and pumpkin costumes were all the rage. And, TBH, they’re still easy to like.

9. Halloween treat buckets and bags

It’s easy to love nostalgic treat buckets and bags with cartoon drawings like Scooby doo, classical skeletons, and Barbie.

10. 3D or cloisonne earrings

Carrying 3-dimensional pumpkins or stovepipe ghosts was a vibe, and yes, you still can.

11. Luminous pumpkin necklaces

People will definitely see you coming with a luminous pumpkin necklace.

12. Halloween window clings

Window stickers can always be cool! These designs include classic ghosts, bats, pumpkins, and more.

Once you have some really chic Halloween decor and outfits, there’s nothing stopping you from celebrating in quirky style.

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